Poll UI 3.2 - Just wondering what you all think?

Just wondering what the community thinks of new changes.

  • Revert back to old UI
  • Revert back to old UI keep new filters.
  • Keep new UI
  • Keep new UI, fix readability issues
  • I don’t care

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The new UI may be married to some of the new functionality, so we aren’t likely to see a switch flipped and have everything back the way it was or just have things be interchangeable. The new UI is subjectively (in both my opinion, and many others) not very aesthetically pleasing, but it is objectively harder to read in many instances. Long term, the complaints about the former may fade, but the latter needs to be addressed. Bordered text or a much more opaque drop shadow behind the numbers on the battle screen (try at least 50-75% opacity on the far edge of where text is going to be sitting) would be immensely helpful here. The drop shadows are so transparent I barely even noticed them at first, and they do not do enough to contrast with the all white text and make it universally visible. Honestly, just bring the black text borders back, because there are many instances where you have solid colored text without any kind of drop shadow on all manner of background.


Revert back, today.


What do I think? Boycott GoW untill this game become playable again.


i believe the new ui is bearable if they just adjust all texts and do a few other “Small” adjustments…

having said that, id liek to revert the graphic part, as the old one was more fantasy-like to my taste, but id like to keep the new functionalty (since the previous troop search ui was a pain)


Please revert back.


edited title, so ppl know what is it about just from reading it, without having to enter the thread

Was about to suggest a poll. Results speak for themselves.

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I am abstaining because the option i would choose is not there.

Keep the new UI but fix the text readability issues


it is now there, you can vote

Thank you @Annaerith

I largely agree. The old UI felt more fantasy, but it also looks old. If you look at the sections that are still legacy, they aren’t actually that good. I just don’t think the new one has the fantasy feel, and there are huge readability issues.


Although I don’t care for the aesthetic of the new UI, this is the far more realistic choice and the one I support, because the others simply won’t happen no matter the results here. Even if we did it would eat up a ton of dev time that they really should be spending fixing other pressing issues. I just hope it isn’t yet another thing that stays half-broken for months before an incomplete fix gets pushed out that breaks the game in some other major way that has been a cycle for many, many months now.

I would hope that simply changing the opacity value of their in-game drop shadow graphics or tweaking the font to have a border would be something that doesn’t take a major patch to implement - hopefully they just push some new image files that can be downloaded on the loading screen, and that will be that. Though if that is the case, I’m wondering what is taking so long. You shouldn’t need feedback to know there are readability issues, you just need eyes and common sense.

(But seriously how did they screw up something as simple as like “put contrasting borders or backgrounds on text” this badly? This is entry level design stuff! Even this is easier to read!)


I like what they are trying to do: freshen up the UI, as it was indeed becoming dated here and there.
I just don’t like all of the things that they did. Like the cards look way worse now and it all looks to “minimalized”.

I get the less is more approach, but in this case, it’s not working for me.
The nice fantasy style clashes enormous with these new clean sci-fi interface parts, are 1 color icons.

I think the solution would be somewhere in the middle…

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Personally, I love the UI and the look of the cards. Only complaint I have is the issue with numbers on the cards being hard to see during battles. Also, team power is hard to see.

But again, I LIKE the new UI.


Devs, make an option in the graphics settings to use OLD UI or NEW UI. Then, players will be able select which UI they like to play the game on.

I have two problems here, both is while playing a match:

  1. The chessboard 8x8 routers should not be see through for the background, its already enough colors with the gems on the boards.
  2. The skill numbers on troop cards while playing needs to be more visible.

Thats it for me.


If I wanted cheesy square blocks, I’d plug in my Atari 2600, at least it has play ability without straining my eyes and giving me a headache!


If it’s not broken don’t fix it, the UI never was so should’ve been left as it was.


I don’t hate the new UI, aside from the readability issues. However, there are a few important things that I think it really deemphasizes. Specifically:

  • Health, armor, and attack values in battle are way less obvious. Health and armor in particular need to be far less subtle.
  • Stun is also way less obvious. The crayon crossout effect just doesn’t work for me.

I haven’t seen other statuses yet, but fear the same. This update feels like a case of mistaking pretty UI with improved UX.

Someone posted a screenshot of the Skyrim UI and it was also fairly black and white. Skyrim is one of the most popular fantasy games out there.