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The new interface is garbage. Hire a graphics designer!

It looks like you let programmers design your UI. Hire a graphics designer! The front page I could use except I hate the windows 8 futuristic feel. The game has lost its fantasy card game theme and I now expect my troops to have lasers and plasma options.

The biggest problem is the troop cards are almost unreadable. The spacing is terrible and the font colors blend with background graphics. It is difficult to use. During battle the troop stats also blend with card graphics making them hard to see as well.

The team list is also harder to use, if you clean up and simplify some of the background and turn up the opaqueness, it won’t be this strange mix of clean and busy imagery. Every page looks cluttered with all the graphics and super high contrast icons which blend into the art making a host MESS!


As they say in the Russian proverb “Why break something that works like this”