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Seriously who is making these decisions?

Let me know when you go back to the way it was. The new interface seriously making me walk away. I love this game but this latest patch is the game changer.

With every patch, I could deal with the changes. Your new interface reminds me of Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest. I dunno why you tried to “fix” something that wasn’t broken. The old interface was easy on the eyes and battles were easy to assess in a glance.

Now they just suck. (sorry being brutally honest) The only new feature I like is the new filter.

I will not “get” used to it, or get “over” it.

Ty for a few years of a fun game.


I suspect they’re pulling a Coca-Cola and changing their flavor. Then when everyone hates it, bring back classic Coke and make MILLIONS!!!


I hope so Fleg and I hope it happens quickly as I’m about to move 90% of my play time and 100% of my money elsewhere until something changes


Totally agree. Old interface was much easier on the eyes and battle were easy to look at and plan your strategy to plan which troops to attach first. I wish they would create someway to recruit for guilds that was easier to built ones that are down in number to having closer to 30. I think it would great to be able to combine those with less than 15 if the guild leaders agreed. I really want to keep playing and enjoy the challenges of guild wars so hope they work on making it easier on the eyes and if they are able to cheat in guild wars to put a stop to that. The game should be fair.

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This new interface sucks. It looks like half the crappy app games out today. PLEASEEEEEEE go back to the old set up. I’ve been playing this for 4 years and if it doesn’t switch back soon I’m out. It’s way too confusing. Hate Hate Hate it.


Imagine a new player installing this game, and seeing those mixes of old and new UI screens.

It will be deleted before they even start playing.


I couldn’t agree more with this. Not to mention I lost two of my guild wars because I am having trouble seeing the board, the colors are too bright, and not to mention the thing with the numbers next to the mana on each characters I can hardly see. I love this game like others here, but if that old interface doesn’t change back, I will stop playing it. Not to mention it really makes me mad that the ones in charge on of this game also made the compy alot harder which is just bull. Everything was fine the way it was before this update. They should give a choice to those that wanted this update vs those that didn’t want it and let them customize it. Everything is much harder to read, and a game should be fun to play. Not frustrating and making a simple game hard to understand and not so hard to play.

Also I think guild wars should be done away with since the point system makes it more stressful than it is fun. I tried waiting patiently for this to be fixed, and instead the creators only made it worse. I say just get rid of Guild wars altogether since I don’t think the creators in charge here will do anything to actually fix the scoring system.

One suggestion I would make is that you face one guild a week, and face all there thirty members five each day and that guild only to officially call it a guild war. Also get rid of the timer and troops lost for deciding on points since it doesnt make it fair for the black beast if you win, but say he munches all your own guys, you loose points. I thought the point of guild wars was too win and score points, not be punished making sacrifices when you loose characters to win. I say there should be a set number of points and each one worth the same. I also say you should be allowed to battle again at least once in that day and have it not count against you since the computer cheats way too much.

But yeah, I hope they fix the graphics and the arcane graphics, I really hate the set up now and I just want to throw my controller down. That’s how frustrating gw’s are and how these new graphics are.


It physically hurts to play. .

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Maybe worth changing the games title too while we are at it. Gems Of WTF.

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