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The topic can be deleted. That's my fault

You will see how for 12 turns with a 120% chance the enemy has not cleared the mark of death.
Sorry for my bad english.

The topic can be deleted. That’s my fault.

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At least few of screenshots above are all from same turn (basing on enemy mana count).
First 3 screens are different turns.
Screen #4 5 6 are from same turn as #3. You had 3 extra moves. Enemy had 0.
Screen #7 and #8 are probably same turn (you got another extra move after casting Zuul). Enemy mana and you HP unchanged between screenshots.

So… Enemies got Deathmarked on your turn #2, after that, they had turn between screenshots:

6 turns total…

Chance to die is not cumulative, whereas chance to recover is.
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