Request for clarification: Death Mark

I have a couple of questions about Death Mark and its interactions with other abilities.

First, I’d like to know how Death Mark works when re-applied frequently, such as the Death Touch trait that applies death mark when doing skull damage. Does each instance of the hit refresh the cumulative 10% chance both for the target to recover and for the target to die?

Likewise, how does Death Mark interact with Cursed? The description for Cursed says that it resets and reduces the cumulative recovery chance of status effects. Does it also reset the cumulative chance for the target to die?

I’m hoping for developer input here, since there’s no in-game way to see what’s happening with these counters.

Deathmark does not apply a cumulative chance to die. It’s a flat chance each turn (except the 1st turn, as of 4.5-ish, I believe)

So it is - thanks!