Extra turn... didn't get it


Matched for an extra turn but didn’t get it.

What’s the problem


Losing matches behind this…not happy


Do you have a SS?



And this is the team I’m playing against. None of these troops prevent extra turn. Am I tripping?


I assume there’s no recording of the match?


Hard to say for sure.


…what’s that


Screen shot… You provided it.


How do I record it. I tried. I’m on ps4


I’ve already lost several matches due to this.


It doesn’t happen every time but it’s happening enough to piss me off


Not sure about PS4. But if you’re 100% positive that you made a 4 or 5 gem match without getting in an extra turn.
This is your best recourse for having it looked at.


Thank you sir


Possibly frozen?


No. Did you see the defensive team I was playing against. None of em possess freeze.


I just said F it and switched to another game. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I’m crazy but I’m not that crazy. I made sure I saw it happen at least 3 or more times before I jumped the gun on the forum.


Thanks for the suggestion tho


Wasn’t sure what the hero was doing. Though… Or if the first ones not a hero than I don’t recognize the card.


Im pretty sure Its the hero, and I think the weapon is “Black cauldron” or maybe just Cauldron, but all it does is give life and double attack to an ally.