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Unbelievable... AI going first in GW causes Death Mark to trigger on first turn

Opening – I get death marked, but enemy team also gets 4+ matches which Death Marks another one of my units, then the AI goes to make a move, but it “reverses” it, then my turn starts, my FIRST TURN, and my troop immediately dies.

I know this is a KNOWN ISSUE, but not only did the AI get a MASSIVE mana advantage (look at their mana gains), but I lost a troop on the first turn, and normally it’s impossible for a troop to die to death mark on the first turn they get it.


This bug really is a crock of :poop:

The randomness of lycanthropy and flask gems is one thing — it affects everyone equally and (though it sucks) can be dealt with in the moment the same way good/bad start boards can be.

But this bug robbing the first turn advantage? Bogus.

No telling when it will strike, and if/when it does, a player gets wiped by teams designed to wipe in single-turnovers.

I guess it could be said this is affecting “everyone equally”, too, but still — to have outcomes in guild wars be completely outside a player’s control defeats the entire purpose of the mode. Instead of strategy and preparation winning the day, that’s only true after a pull of the slot machine :man_shrugging:

More random = less fun :frowning:


Can someone confirm though about my death mark comment… it can’t trigger the immediate turn after it’s applied, right? I was certain of that.

It’s not supposed to, but I’ve had that happen thanks to the bug, too.

I think the game is registering what are supposed to be “ghost turns” as actual turns, so the game thought it was valid to kill you on “Turn 2 (or 3?)”