Death Mark (possible other status effects as well)

I have zero proof.
100% all “negative bias” or “experience” you could say.
But please check to make sure that negative status effects aren’t on over kill due to the mess from the Cedric Medals. (Against the player, not against the AI.)
I fear that something stupid like 30% chance to cleanse is also causing 30% chance to die from death mark.
Meanwhile, in Explore I keep noticing the AI recovering from curse at a higher rate.
Again…I have zero calculations or proof. Such an effort from me wouldn’t matter anyway.
All I ask is that it’s double checked. Knowing full well that if is broken… You’ll probably decide it’s best not to tell us it’s broken…nor will any losses in guild wars be corrected.
So why bring this to your attention? Because it’s the right thing to do. So please also do the right thing and make this a top priority (though usually it wouldn’t be.)
Knee jerk nerfs cause knee jerk bugs. Exactly why coding shouldn’t be rushed… especially if the issue isn’t game breaking.
Sorry if the second half was more venting than reporting. But I can’t help but feel the quick decision to nerf the Cedric Medal was caused by a bug in someone’s brain. (I have no idea who made that decision so please don’t read it as a personal attack. I’m judging the behavior of the decision, not the person.)

Personally I saw Death Mark triggering at a higher than normal rate in the Faction Assault out of only 7 full floor runs. Others are reporting it to me in regards to GW.

Death mark didn’t trigger even once in silver necropolis middle room. Outta 3 runs.
For once, i actually wish it would have been broken🤣

I’ve been using a status effect team on Level 12 explores. Sure seems to me like stuff is clearing on the defense side at an inordinately high rate. But like you, I have no proof.

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I guess I should of clarified.
You mean that it didn’t trigger against the AI, correct?

Interesting… I thought I was just getting unlucky, but I had troops die almost every time they were DMd in recent delve runs as well.

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I used LnD exclusively for the fraction assault for Sunken Fleet, up to mob level 120, 3 Cedric medals.
The AI never had a death mark went off on my team, Cedric medal cleansed it almost immediately or a turn later.
I have got a few death marks kills on AI team but the rate is very low so the original 10% seems about right.

If i were to base off my own data, I would say it’s working in favor of player.


Yes. Used the typical SN faction team, and while golem deathmarked whole/almost whole opponent team, it never triggered, in all 3 runs.

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Nothing new tbh, i use EoE a lot and most of the times i cant 100% disable anything with a immunity that need 2 casts, even those not immune to anything i see way too often recover from everything right away when chance is supposed to be 5%.

Defo AI dont need any cedric medal.

Seen i am sitting on 3 cedric (and prolly will always be) Dmark isnt such a prob, only 1 died to it on yesterday delve event up to lvl 120.

But hey, remeber that AI actually always heat in our favor so everytime we see AI doing weird stuff is one of those cases “1 match among the rhodanzillions going” ;p

I have not noticed anything different regarding deathmark - YMMV

Total Thread Hijack (While we are talking about Deathmark)
Shouldn’t Deathmark, when reapplied to a deathmarked target, NOT reset the % chance for it to go off?
If you deathmark something every turn you have an ongoing 0% chance for it to fire off - surely this is not optimal from a game design perspective
It shouldn’t stack or anything, just keep the % chance unimpacted

Turn 1: 10% Chance of Dying, 10% Chance of Cleanse
Turn 2: 10% Chance of Dying, 20% Chance of Cleanse
Turn 3: 10% Chance of Dying, 30% Chance of Cleanse


AFAIK (as per the Devs)

You get a 1 turn 0% chance of dying from deathmark, so if it’s reapplied, then you get another turn of 0% chance of dying
Surely this is not intended, so could be reviewed/fixed


Please don’t feed his “I have no proof and refuse to gather any but also demand that it’s investigated anyway” conspiracy theory of the week.

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Pretty sure I’ve had allies/opponents die at the start of the turn after Death Mark was inflicted… not a thing?

Maybe it’s just poor description on my side, as I was referring to the turns of the Deathmarked troop. To be more specific (albeit possibly incorrect :sweat_smile: ):
Turn 1: Opponent casts Deathmark on ally
Turn 2: 10% Chance of Dying, 10% Chance of Cleanse
Turn 3: (assuming no Deathmark refreshed on same ally)
Turn 4: 10% Chance of Dying, 20% Chance of Cleanse
Turn 5: (assuming no Deathmark refreshed on same ally)
Turn 6: 10% Chance of Dying, 30% Chance of Cleanse


I am pretty sure Turn 2 chances of dying is 0% as Deathmark was adjusted at some point to have a heat up period.


It’s clearer with turn sides being specified:

  • Enemy turn: Applies DM.
  • Your turn: 1st DM turn. 0% chance to die, 10% chance to clear.
  • Enemy turn: Stuff.
  • Your turn: 2nd DM turn. 10% chance to die, 20% chance to clear.
  • Enemy turn: Stuff.
  • Your turn: 3rd DM turn. 10% chance to die, 30% chance to clear.
  • Enemy turn: Applies DM over top of the existing effect.
  • Your turn: 1st DM turn (again). 0% chance to die, 10% chance to clear.

Thanks all for clarifying: will adjust my EoE strategy accordingly

LOL Deathmark made me lose 2 of my guild wars matches, it was designed for me to lose.

When did possible bugs become conspiracy theories?
Aren’t they usually reserved for those with the intent to harm? Where I see it as a side effect of quick coding that they did “to fix” a bugged (in their own words) Cedric Medal.

Please don’t feed your malice of needing to attack the author by instructing folks not to share their thoughts if something seems off. I’m not discouraging those who think everything is working fine.