Post your death mark horror stories here

So this match was going great. My team was basically untouched and the other guy was down to 1 troop, Death. He manages to charge him and fires his ability, death marking my entire team. Ok sure, no big deal, right? This is still in the bag, right?


1st turn after death mark: my 1st and 2nd troop instantly die!!!
2nd turn after death mark: my 3rd troop instantly dies!!!

Now it’s 1 VS 1. I think “ok, we still can win”… the turn before I was gonna kill his last troop, my troop instantly dies.

Can someone hold me? :sob:


That’s hilarious. Sorry, I don’t have any deathmark horror stories, mainly because I don’t have him! I’m a huge fan of the deathmark though and went all out to get creeping death and the sorcerer class fully traited after watching a tacet video. Thanks for posting, it was a fun read and I even read it to my Mrs!

Start match
See 2 spots with a 3-skull match ready
See opponent with Wraith
Match a skull set, end turn
Opponent matches skulls, casts DT on my first troop
First troop dies
Retreat match

Repeat 3-4 times a day

Yeah, sometimes I feel like the death mark chance to trigger is 50% instead of 10%… but still, that’s hardly the reason to ragequit after losing 1 troop m8

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had like 500 wins in a row.
don’t remember againts what I fought.
maybe hero with death mark.
and on turn 2 main dmg dealer died from death mark.
after few turns giant spider died. which could atleast give troop in empty slot to mitigate aoe dmg. :confused:

I have had different experiences with Death Mark. Most are after that first turn - I can get my cleanse off and the Death Mark goes away.

There have been the after turn 2 Death…and I can understand that given that there is a chance of that.

The one I completely disagree is the instant as applied instant Death when Death Mark was being applied by Revenant. There was never a chance to even try to cleanse. It happened at the end of the opponent’s turn and the start of mine before I had the arrow to take a turn. And I kept track of this during the Undead Snotlings hunt. I swear there is a bug with that specific card.