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The system thinks I am in 2 guilds and is deny guild task rewards

This is the first time this has happened. see attached images.not%20in%202%20guildsUntitled
PC/steam windows 10

I was checking my mail email%20of%202%20tasks%20not%20in%202%20guilds
I got 1 guild task but the second was denied because the system says I am in 2 guilds.

I am DADEO_1 vip 6 level 1256 guild SushiBar for 139 days

Iā€™m also in Sushi Bar and got the same thing, I think a couple of other people got it too.

I only joined 15 days ago, invite code ROCKWELL


I had this problem when I joined a new guild on my second account last week. Send in a ticket and support will take care of it. @Kafka sorted it out quickly with no issues for me.