Guild task - No reward?

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As shown on screenshot 1 I get a message I received a reward in another guild. How can this be since I’m guild master of the same guild for 1348 days.
Screenshot 2 and 3 shows a task has really been done.

That bug has been around forever, it seems to hit a few players every week. Open a support ticket, they’ll send you the missing rewards.

Around forever? Well it’s the first time I encountered it and I’m playing for a good while now. But I will open a support ticket, thanks for the advice :+1:

We’ll follow up on the ticket, thanks for submitting it!


Same thing happened to me today in guild, and submitted a ticket. They answered saying i got all rewards, it was just a bug from where players try to complete task at same time.

Yep, I know I got the same reply.
So this item can be marked as resolved. :slight_smile:

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