The Spring Has Sprung Nerf Discussion

The Game is already lame enough… Instead a Nerf Concert its more important to create more effective Spells. Every second Troop have a Spell to rise the Armor or Life. Thats nonsense and not very creative. And btw… where are the Buffs…?

It seems rather foolish to me to build a team that is dependent on a single troop to win the game…

If you set up Sheggra with a red spawner like Banshee, Anointed One or Infernal King, she can still clear an entire team with a nice cascade…

Completely untrue, IMHO.
Sheggra now only requires a bit of patience. Don’t immediately cast once you have her filled up. But wait until you have a 4- or 5-match with red gems and skulls available, so you will get an extra turn after you cast Sheggra…


Not exactly. Sheggra before the nerf was pretty much absurd.
Yes, I use her. Yes, my team is a bit slower now. No, I didn’t have trouble dispatching teams with Sheggra before the nerf. But the card was OP, it’s as simple as that.
It would be nice to have a secondary effect that scales with magic, but even without it I consider her at least decent right now.

Bad example in my opinion. IK is OP too.

I’m bipolar and I’m more consistent than the devs’ policy on legendaries.

One week they’re as legendary as they’re supposed to be. The next, sheggra is the second lowest gem creator in the game.

Can we just do away with card tiers? It’s pointless to even have them when the overarching design principal is “how can we slow the player down?”

This is my main beef with the Sheggra nerf. Each other card (to the best of my recollection) that got its gem spamming divorced from magic gained an additional effect to make up for it. Sheggra gets nothing. They should add “burns a random enemy” as just a suggestion off the top of my head (I am sure there are better ones out there). Heck they can even apply the burn before the skull hit so you might burn something that is going to die anyway. Just give the poor dragon something. I don’t necessarily mind that they took away the gem spam magic boost. I think we all knew that was coming. I was just hoping she would get the same treatment the rest got when they did take it away.

The most recent update was an excellent step forward for legendaries feeling legendary again. Now poor Sheggra just doesn’t. I understand she lost some mana cost along the way, but it just feels like they hit her way too hard.


Hell, back in 1.0.3 when the only magic buff available was a 25% chance from Brian the Lucky a fully levelled Sheggra at least made 7 red gems. Who the heck decided 6 was an acceptable number?

Sheggra’s foil has always been the potential to backfire spectacularly. Now a backfire is all but guaranteed unless you’ve got a 4 match already waiting.

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So don’t cast until you have that 4- or 5- match waiting for you. Seems pretty simple to me…

Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Glad I’ve got you here.

Any more nuggets of wisdom?

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Ah, well, I guess I’m just a friendly, helping guy… :smiley:

Matching skulls tends to help win matches… Did you already try that strategy? :wink:


This is the only decent argument I’ve seen. It was clear she was too strong, fed herself too well, and shouldn’t have scaled off magic. But 6 could maybe be bumped up a little. Still think she feels legendary though.

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I was so close. i almost got my 4th one. i could taste the trait stone grinding heaven on my lips. Then it was gone. He was nerfed. Well time to pick up my tyri team and continue getting those celestial stones until the cows come home. At least i lost before i could love instead of loving what i lost.

I think all this week’s balance changes were obviously coming and needed.

Sheggra in particular was the last gem spammer that still scaled with magic making her ridiculous in the end game.


Also keep in mind that Sheggra still usually averages 12-16 extra skulls on the board (if you have 6-10 red gems there when you cast)… with control over where more than half of those skulls appear!

No other card can manage that now (except Skeleros sometimes, but he’s totally random), which still rates her easily as Legendary in our minds.


Well, KoS can, but he also costs two more mana than Sheggra does. If it weren’t for Sheggra’s mana colors, I would be considering KoS for my teams instead of Sheggra, for the same reason I prefer Great Spider over Green Slime.

(And also to your point, KoS is also Legendary :stuck_out_tongue: )

This actually could make sense!

That’s very theoretical, in practice to charge Sheggra, you need red already (or brown) so you usually have to wait more red gems to come through once the power is charged.
Bone Dragon (another skull creator) has a great defence mechanism: freeze. Even if it gives a match 4 or 5 to the opponent, it gets frozen and cannot keep matching. Plus it gains armor, plus it strips armor.
Nothing like that for Sheggra, it lacks a bit of a kick.

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Bone Dragon is great late game but a huge gamble early on.
Sheggra is the opposite, amazing early game and only ever as risky as your patience.

Legendaries won’t fit every team, and they aren’t all equal. How you use them makes them useful, so if you depended on blindly shooting off Sheggra, then yes, that particular style of play was nerfed. But Sheggra’s basic and what I’d consider primary function has not been altered.

I’m not touching the other troops for now, but I’m personally happy with the changes overall. Magic being linked to gem creation was a flawed mechanic and it couldn’t have been removed soon enough imo.

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I still think Bone Dragon is over-powered, and does too much for the cost…

The adjustment to its boost ratio makes it a bit more of a gamble than it was, but it still in late game:

  • destroys armour, worth 20+ damage
  • creates skulls likely to trigger at least two attacks, worth say 50+ damage
  • gains +10 armour

…so that’s about 80 hit point net swing, likely a guaranteed OHKO and an extra turn, all for only 14 mana…

Plus it’s Purple so benefits from two good gem creators/changers…

Suggest mana cost should go up to 16, and/or dump the armour gain… It already does a scary amount, doesn’t need magic scaling for the sake of it…


Don’t forget that Bone Dragon actually has a useful(ish) third trait, unlike Sheggra’s. CC on the opponent’s turn? Yes please.

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I was fairly enthused by the nerfs, including the Sheggra one. She is still absolutely functional in any team that would have used her before, you may just have to wait a turn or two to set her up optimally. Lowering her mana cost means she’s charged a turn sooner in most situation, so even that waiting is minimized. She’s less automated, but that was clearly the intent.

I particularly liked the AOE weapon nerfs, as that was something I’d mentioned to my friends a week or so ago as appearing problematic.

I understand the Dust Devil nerf, but he probably needs a mana drop. He doesn’t really fill a meaningful function in any team now, besides novelty. Knock-to-back would need to be more than a mild disruption to be worthwhile - for example, if it undid positional bonuses like leader and the last-position traits, it’d at least have use as a counter of sorts.