The Spring Has Sprung Nerf Discussion

5 tears are shed for the fallen. :cry:


Well most of them aren’t fallen, they just experienced … mild discomfort. Dust Devil though…

Nerfing Dragons. Gonna be a very different week in PVP.

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If you truly love a team then you go through all the buffs and nerfs. I can’t imagine ever giving up my Orion team. It just is too much fun for me.

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Siren creates more gems than Celestasia once again. I almost feel like refunding Celestasia to try out Tau, lol.

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Celestasia i can live with, but POOR Shegra…
Turned her into that wall thingy unit i cant ever remeber the name of lol

The Sheggra nerf really isn’t so bad imho. She could spawn no red gems at all, and just keep transforming reds to skulls and would still be somewhat useful albeit being very situational, so 6 reds and decreased mana cost isn’t so terrible of a change.

No feelings about the Celestasia nerf… ah who am i kidding? Any nerf, warranted or not, to that damn wannabe divine dragon turtle is answered with cheers of joy by me!


With the dust devil nerf the game just got a whole ton rougher. @Sirrian has removed the ability for casual players to grind competitively. You are now either full hardcore committed in a top 15 guild or you are never going to competitively trait troops and heroes.


This. I had kind of is assumed they intentionally made DD the way they did specifically do people could have a better solution for grinding ts.


That would just make her a very bad version of Keeper of Souls. I see no point in that.

I was just pointing out that she would still be functional, even without spawning any red gems at all.
I wasn’t actually suggesting that change, and i think it was quite obvious that i was speaking hypothetically.

Being functional (and barely so) doesn’t mean much if it becomes the absolute worst legendary (and one of the worst troops in the game), which makes it a very poor argument.

Transforming from one pre-set color to another (even to skulls) is never the only function of any troop’s spell, it always comes secondary to the spell’s other effects. It just isn’t good enough to stand on its own, even for lower raritiy troops, let alone legendaries.

Take Infernal King for example: it does exactly that: transform a set color (green) to skulls. Functional, sure, but is that enough? surely not, so it also transform another set color (brown to red). Surely that’s enough, right? Well, apparently even two pre-set transformations can’t stand on their own, so it also does some (pretty high) split damage. Now, can you seriously tell me with a strait face that Sheggra will be ‘functional’ with only a single pre-set transformation?

You are getting hung up on a hypothetical that was expressed simply to make a point, namely the point of the Sheggra nerf not being that dramatic.

I was merely pointing out that the point you meant to make was not actually made.

The Sheggra nerf is, indeed, dramatic. It changed a troop that could easily stand on its own, to not be very useful anymore without substantial support.

Then we just disagree about that, i gave my two teams that use Sheggra a testrun and it runs as smoothly as it did before the nerf.

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Your teams don’t rely on Sheggra then.
Other than that Sheggra after the nerf is plain useless even with bone dragon combo…

Lower mana cost + 1 color creation + Aflame = Sheggra is still very effective and in some situations better. “plain useless” is just plain silly.


16->14 mana cost is great still she doesn’t create more red gems just a flat base of 6 (Instead of 10+ pre-nerf) and aflame is a cute trait also.
Judging by your enthusiasm on Sheggra’s nerf your level should be below 600-700.

What has that to do with the topic? I’m around level 350 and even I expected a nerf. Simply because her gem creation still scaled off magic. That’s something not meant for eternity. Look, I still use Sheggra in my dragon team (btw, Celestasia is also in it). No problem with that.

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I should not be whining though …
The devs are doing a good job keeping this game constantly updated.
Thumbs up :smiley: