Okay... So I hate to be a debbie-downer, but... (VALKYRIE NERF)


Well, I understand the sentiment of spreading out the souls gains on different troops, but removing Necromancy from Valkyrie isn’t really going to change the QoL that much. Now, I want it to be understood that I am no longer and in dire need of souls; all of my kingdoms are a 5+ stars. However, I do feel like this is (in general) going to bad for the game. This is going to create a new soul gain meta where there is one team that is the archetype for RoI and abused in the same way that Valkyrie was. When I was farming souls, I was getting 8,000 souls per hour (on average) and that was using the fastest possible method in the game. Now, you are starting from square one; trying to find a team that is fast enough to reduce match time under one minute, but still produce a decent amount of souls.

I don’t know. Some see it as a positive to have necromancy on more troops, and I agree with that, but to say that Valkyrie hasn’t suffered a HUGE nerf seems foolish to me…


Just my point of view: when I was in need of souls, I never ran a Valkryie team. Not once. I preferred to get them through the arena. I have only ever used her for her transformation skill. I realize that is not the case for most folks; my only point is that there are other options. How is it bad that you now have multiple troops with this skill rather than one primary one. I honestly don’t understand the grief this change is causing.


Of course Valkyrie got a big nerf. I’m not sure where you got the impression that anyone thought it wasn’t.

What we got was more creative freedom in exchange for potentially less souls over time. How is that bad? Lack of variety is one of the longest-running criticisms of the game overall.


All I have to say about it.


I cant be arsed saying it again but… I will.

You now get less souls than before using Valkyrie. You also need to use Valk + 2 further junk cards to get the max souls per match. This a massive and needless restriction.

Yeah, some clowns probably use banshee or acolyte and will get more souls but they probably shouldnt be allowed near a PC to begin with.

It is a hugely wasted opportunity. They could have done it so much better but this is piss.


More creative freedom in exchange for less souls? Do you even? Of course you don’t care when you have no need for souls anymore. I’ll take the souls every time. Give me the souls.


What if we don’t want to use Valkyrie? Do you have The Dragon Soul yet? There’s more cards in the deck than just Valkyrie.


I still need souls, I just don’t feel like I need them bad enough to force myself to use a card that can be replaced with something that has better synergy with the team I want to field.


:cry: I’m too emotional to talk about it right now. :sob:


I can remember my first hangover as well.


Valkyrie didn’t need a nerf, there needed to be buffs for other troops to bring options up to par.

Devs got some of it right, giving more soul options, but they did give some pretty garbage/non-meta troops the buffs, and in the end it seems like the case for most users is that the valkyrie was nerfed, flat out. I’m not going to use banshee or wight or avina or flesh golem etc. etc. so it almost seems like valk is still one of the few viable choices.

If I had Dragon Soul I might consider using him, but I don’t have him.


Dragon soul is a turd too, don’t waste your time.



TDS is a great troop. You either don’t have him or aren’t using him in the right deck.

Have a drink and a smoke, take a deep breath…it will be alright.


Nah I have him, and he’s a turd.


You’ve completely gone insane dude…


That’s rich coming from someone that would rather have creative freedom than souls. In a game where souls are extremely important, that’s insane.


I have fun with TDS and adore my TDS team.

However, I’m not happy with the Valkyrie nerf at all, especially since I’m not that fond of most of the troops they slapped Necromancy on.


Some of the worst troops they could’ve picked honestly. No where near as good as Valk. Not even in the same ballpark. It’s just amazing, really.


+1 to what he said


Come on man, there’s no need to be disingenuous because you’re mad. You’re misrepresenting what I said.

I said I’d rather get SOME souls from any number of team builds that be forced to use one, and only one, troop to get souls in any measurable quantity.

Valkyrie still gives souls. She doesn’t give as much. Other teams now give more souls, and in some cases MANY more souls, than they did before.

Look, I get it, some people are all about min/maxing so any change that lowers the max is going to be met with extreme anger. Some of us, however, would like to be able to use more than 12 to 14 troops out of a list of over 200 and not get run over by the min/maxers in the process.