I will reroll 4 celestasias every time

To the anarchist who set his defense with four mythic fully trade celestasias it took me 16 minutes to down your nonsense line up. No synergy no skill just per annoyance. I will reroll your team every time and I hope everyone else does too so you don’t get any defends. Way to completely take the enjoyment out of the game. #nerdrage #immadbro

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Please fix it

That “anarchist” can set his defence any way he wants to. If you don’t like it then reroll, but there is no need to call someone out publicly over a defence that you don’t like…


I was considering doing the same build, but figured people would just force exit before it ended. xD

Mr @Mufasha
LoL x2
Yes might be a cheesy set up, but it did get a whole post devoted 2 it :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a job for Shadow-Hunter

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This person should be called out…

… And congratulated.

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I assume the main problem is with Celestasia’s third trait (barrier on 4/5 matches) which means they are all constantly on barrier. Shadow Hunter will be just as useless as any other damage dealer against them.

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The easiest way to beat Celestasia is with devour. The troop that devours it even gets to keep the shield.


I wonder how poison would work? I know Celestasia has Cleanse but a Webspinner could pop all four barriers at the same time. The Lethal Toxin trait can also put a wallop on them…can’t wait to get a few more minor greens to unlock it :wink:

1 point of damage from existing poison or burn pops barrier.

If their goal was to make matches painfully boring and monotonous then they have successfully done so by introducing this new Barrier trait.

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The big problem with Celestasia is that it loops too easily. I spent 20 minutes on a single battle, the majority of which wasn’t my turn. Even if poison DOES kill the barrier, that’s only effective if you’re trading turns back and forth. When the AI takes so many successive turns that your phone powers off due to inactivity, you can’t rely on trading turns like that.

I think I dealt 900 damage to the Celestasias, not including the hits that popped barriers. The battle ended with the last dragon at 253 life.

Yes, devour works. If you can last long enough to pull it off.

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I just ran across that team .
Even with barrier up on 2 celest , skulls just chewed through them.
My attack is very high though. I use miss star to push up my Att to 40+.

Well… I put up 1 Celestia as my MT in my defense team, and on average I am still only winning 1 out of 3 from all the invades against me.

I don’t think the problem is with the Barrier effect itself, but Celestia’s 3rd trait specifically. To be more precise, it’s against the extreme setup of X4 Celestia ><

I ran into 3 cels and a dust devil for damage. I have an idea for a team that should easily beat it but need to get the source fully traited.

That is exactly the team I was thinking of. My tank had 162 attack by the end of the match, but when there is only one skull set on the board all you can do is break the barrier. And then watch Celestasia fill her mana bar again.

True but there are other troops that have say burning on a 4/5 match trait. This would constantly hit
the barriers allowing others to hit.