Infinity+2/505 Games development discussion fanfiction

“Alright guys, everyone finished sniffing their own farts?”
“Hold on man, just one more hit.”
“Alright while he finishes up, let’s see what’s on the agenda for the week. Intern, what says the metadata?”
“Well, the hero magic bonus is still applied in the arena, making it unplayable for all but the highest level players. The traitstone economy is still broken, with many players holding thousands of majors and suffering a drought of runics.”
“And what of the battle data?”
“Well, it looks like players have managed to overcome some of the defensive buffs and are managing to defeat the AI with some efficiency.”
“It appears returning legendaries to legendary status has had the expected effects.”
“I’m afraid so, sir. What should we do?”

“Nerf them. Nerf them ALL. Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel a legendary fart on the way.”

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Troll post, but I’ll bite.

Speaking specifically of today’s nerfs, @Sirrian has given good justification for why they had to happen across multiple threads. I’m slightly sad over the Sheggra nerf (though she still plays very nicely with several other troops, so she’s still on several of my teams) but even there, it made sense.

There was nothing fun about 4x Dust Devil, either on your team (where you could just ignore the board entirely) or on their team (for obvious reasons). The fact that people, including myself, have had to use it to mindlessly grind out challenges speaks to a design flaw there (in that the only way to reasonably accumulate traitstones is to pay money or grind away at the same boring fight over and over again), but not to the nerf itself. Dust Devil was meant to be a team manipulator, not an AoE damager, and I feel they made a good call there.

In general, I feel this dev team is fairly open about their successes and mistakes. They even compensate their player base when their services go down, and that’s commendable; I’ve played several MMOs that have had day-long outages without compensation, and when they’re subscription games, that’s basically money down the drain.

Can’t really defend the arena bug, though. That mode is still fairly broken, though at least Burning Scythe and Yasmine’s Chalice aren’t as beastly as before.

I’m more satirizing the apparent prioritization of molding the game’s macroeconomy into their idea of what it “should” look like regardless of the negative impact on player experience over fixing glaring issues that are also negatively impacting player experience.

Wow, this was completely uncalled for and inappropriate. What are you, twelve?

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If a little fart sniffing gets you this worked up, I’d hate to see what happens when you stumble across something actually offensive.

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Weirdness of OPs post not withstanding, this is a very salient point. I would mention however that I personally believe that the system is working exactly as planned.

It seems pretty obvious to me that the arena issue is not a “simple” fix. Given the delay in fixing it, my assumption is that it requires an update to fix. It simply isn’t feasible to push out an update for every bug, and from what I understand it can take 2-3 weeks from “final build” to “live”. It sucks, sure, but it’s not the end of the world. Especially since it’s mostly good for Souls and it’s just as efficient to play PvP with a Valk team.

Yep - Arena does require an update. It’ll be fixed in 2.0.

In other news, I’m just going to open the office windows here and improve the ventilation… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


reminds me of the 4x rockworm team.[quote=“Sirrian, post:9, topic:5731”]
improve the ventilation… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

was it satire or was it truth or was it something on the roof? Only the shadows know of this awful plight
as we construct great teams for the next fight
or we run tails between our legs as we take on this plight
Will our teams be strong in the day or stronger in the night