How are we all feeling about Gems of War now? Let’s review!

It’s been a full two weeks of the new events and now we are back to Guild Wars.
How is everyone liking the new game so far? Are you happy or just ready to quit? Or somewhere in between?

Let’s take a poll and see how we the people feel.

  • Happy as is.
  • Not happy with it at all.
  • Am happy, but definitely could be better with raid and invasion improvements.
  • Nope, ready to quit.
  • Other feelings that are not in the other 4 choices.

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Thank you and feel free to express yourself below.


We made it with no quits so far in Nemesis, how is everyone else’s guild doing? I wonder how many people have quit so far.


Pinging in @Sirrian, @Saltypatra, @Nimhain, @cyrup, @Ozball, @Kafka, Has any thought been put into changes yet? All we have heard is silence so far.

Honestly you cannot be happy with the product as is are you? I hope not. Please make some changes so it’s more enjoyable for all of us, thank you.


What do you want to hear? We just had the biggest patch to this game ever, you expect changes/something more already next week?

Why do you wish anyone this, that they should not be happy with their game? For real, I think they are happy with their product, it is told time after time that they are actually doing good, and that the player base is growing. They have received good feedback since the newest patch was released, don’t make these boards fool you, boards is usually made for whiners to complain, that is why we always see the same faces over and over again with the same posts. Always the same 5-10 players.


I just feel like it was rushed and not fully analyzed, sorry but it does seem like they missed a few key things on the update. I’m just trying to help them find out what those things are and hope they can be fixed. They are very good at that.

I’m not complaining but I guess it seems that way, take it how you like, constructive criticism If you ask me, everyone likes a true evaluation, not a lie.


Disappointed with the execution on the new modes, but used to the disappointment. Happy that I can at least continue to enjoy the game as it was whether or not the new features are for me. Hopeful for the future, but managing my expectations.


For those who chose other, please explain if you care to do so. Thank you.

I’m ready for the next gnome killing event lol. Buffs are suppose to be coming.


I picked “other”. Besides being a giant gem suck with what i feel are crappy rewards, I did not mind the events too much. But, our guild was pretty stable before. I have been nonstop recruiting the last couple of weeks. Coincidence?

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You know the devs are pretty great at their fixes and I believe that they listen to the community pretty well.
All products get reviews good and bad so why not this game? I’m not going to lie and say it’s perfect, but it is close.
I apologize if my feedback sounds like bitter complaining, I guess that’s just me. I’m trying to be positive here.

Votes are looking good so far. Pretty much the same % as the vote you made 2 weeks ago.

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I agree and it’s good to know everyone’s opinions, so if they do make changes, hopefully we point them in the right direction, we are the beta testers, you know.

Even with all the complaining, it still seems like the majority is happy, which is great!

The core game (PvP/Explore/Dungeons) is fine for a bathroom break diversion. If the game only had those modes I think I’d be a lot happier.

Every other mode brings out a lot of bad feelings. Arena is dominated by one single weapon, and this is held acceptable because “it fixes that Arena was dominated by a different weapon that wasn’t endgamer-only”. Event gems haven’t worked properly for at least 3 weeks. With maybe 2 exceptions, 2018 hasn’t seen a single weekly release go smoothly with side-effects ranging from “it didn’t happen at all” to “the troop doesn’t do what it says” etc. Soulforge progress is so slow I don’t remember the last time I could buy something and can’t predict the next. Every release comes with promises of new fixes, but just as many old problems seem to either stay unsolved or regress.

GoW doesn’t need new content. It needs someone to finish the content it has.


Hey now, 2 out of 12 isn’t half bad… Or should I say isn’t a sixth bad lol. It is ridiculous that they think their CLIENTS don’t notice this stuff or that their CLIENTS should just accept it.
And I don’t want to hear any sht about it being a small studio. They’ve been doing THE SAME GAME since puzzlequest. Work the bugs out already.

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I’m not a huge fan of the new modes, but I’m happy that there’s less GW. GW is a bit too stressful for me to endure week after week, it was making me not want to go back to the game. I’ve been playing a lot more the last two weeks, mostly doing explores and PvP. The gnomes (though rare) have made things a little more exciting :slight_smile:


I don’t like the new events at all. I feel this way because number one, the fights are boring at later levels. It isn’t hard. It is luck based like every other battle, but the difference is it takes a lot more time than a PVP match. Oh, and most of the rewards are LESS than what I’d get from a PVP match aside from the orbs of “where the f is that graphic again that shows what this stuff does?”|

GW isn’t stressful for me, I’m in a top 20 bracket. I’m sure for bracket 1 it is more serious. GW is just a set of 5 PVP matches to me that have a slightly more important feel to them.

I like the “explore again” button, don’t care about the gnomes as much anymore with all of the BS that came from the first “fix” for them.

I dunno. New content is great when it is actually fun. Most of the new stuff, or primarily I’m talking about the two new modes, they aren’t fun. They ask me to pay gems to play a long, tedious battle for nothing. Not happening.


Please… No… More… Event… Shops…


Gnomes are my favorite addition! Those little guys can pop up anywhere, I wonder if they’ll sneak into wars.


When the 3.3 update launched, around 1AM for me, I immediately started playing for a few hours straight. This was before the gnomes got their first nerf, these hours were the best I’ve ever had on Gems Of War.

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And I was sitting at a appointment waiting for the plug to be pulled, sure enough, writhing two hours they were yanked and then wiped dang near extinct, by the time I arrived back home.

Why can’t they make any fixes to these new events like that?

I hope raid and invasions end up paying out better then a 3rd tier trophy fight in pvp here soon, then it might be worth sinking a few thousand gems in to get those top prizes.

:crossed_fingers:. Here’s to wishful thinking.