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Good bye unless game is fixed

I’ve been playing since January and had enjoyed this game enough to purchase in game goods to be vip 9. The game simply isn’t fun anymore- it’s a chore. The ai loops especially on 4x speed are aaammmmaaaazzzing. The fact that every good team you will face is wisp and or mab on it tells me the game is stalled out. No improvements have been made to remedy this. There are literally hundreds of creatures that will never be used and heroes that won’t be ever be faced because they are not the guaranteed wins that mab, troll kraken is. I have no problem with the gem squeeze to make the company money- no problem if you make a good product people will buy. But why buy when all you need is the above team to win all day. Boring.
Mythic? Why get them? War? Xenathos? To slow and too dead- when’s the last time a faced a team with war?
Fix the game and i’ll come back because it was enjoyable. I’ll be taking my $ elsewhere thank you.


Here ya go…