The RNG God's Prayer


Let us bow our heads.

Our Father, who art in Random, only InfinityPlus knows his name, thy Kingdoms come, our Randoms run, in Karakoth, as it is in Pridelands.

Give us this day, our Traitstones & forgive us our Rolls, as we forgive those who Roll against us.

Lead us not into a failed Arena, but deliver us if we get one, for thine is the Kingdom, the judgement of our Troops, forever and ever.


Omg the only good thing to happen to me today!
Forgive me Mr. Sammy, I've known not what I do
Dokkalfar the ghost
Really wish traitstones were atleast SOMEWHAT easier to obtain
Event chests, glory packs
Explore mode Ghulvania drop sample
RNGesus works in mysterious ways
Which card is elusive?
A New Mythic Approaches - Famine

RNGesus strikes again. :frowning:




Hey, I’m running low on Celestials. No fair!


I wish I could hand out some of mine.

I do need 64 to max every last troop in the game, so I guess I am 41 short in that regard. That 23 is more than enough to upgrade all the important ones though.


Too bad we couldn’t put ours together and each get 64.


That was off of 48 glory keys. RNGesus indeed. Can’t say I was pursuing them, but now I’m only 9 away from the full collection!


Venoxia off 1 gem key, the other 2 off 50 glory. back to back.


That’s great maths :slight_smile: 23+41 = 64 + 64… please can you do my personal banking? :wink:

EDIT: oh and a great necro play by me…


A guy can dream. :slot_machine:


I guess RNGesus doesn’t like me either. I guess it’s because of my loyalty belonging to the god-emperor.



I prefer lord of the light and his priests :slight_smile:



RNGods have blessed me with the power of summoning the devs to a new video about summoning.


praise him!



You really have been chosen by Him!


Rngesus hear my plea to have the update released next week while i have time off.


haha @TaliaParks at my defense it was couple of weeks ago, i guess he’s all spent out on me now. Lest me having decent enough (leveled) troops to support these legendaries. And so the goblin bunch and valkchemistreantbanshee groupies have already been worn out :stuck_out_tongue:


Do not waver in Faith @therealwetwilly, for He works in mysterious, yet wondrous ways.

Paitence with His gifts, and they will be plentiful in return.


Nice picture