Can't belive this RNG chest luck :-)


My God,I just pulled 2 mythic from 3x50 glory keys :smiley:
Just wanted to share with you how happy I am right now :slight_smile:


Holy! :open_mouth: Well done! WOW!


GANGSTA!!! RNGsus smiles upon thee my son!


Indeed,He noticed me,finally :slight_smile:


I shall pray to @Ajmooooo from now on for my prayers to RNGesus have fallen upon deaf ears!!!

:pray: :prayer_beads: :pray:


Congrats, Sir!
Very nice =) I have to say I have been relatively lucky when pulling new Mythics from chests - and seeing I’m not taking the luck away from you guys is very heart-warming.

Pharos is extremely valuable now - as souls are needed for the new weapon.


Very nice bro!!!
I just opened over 900 Glory keys and got nothing. Oh well :disappointed_relieved:

  1. See this post… :heart_eyes: :thinking:
  2. Open glory keys 50 at a time… :drooling_face:
  3. Gar’Nok, Goblin King, Dracos shows up… :rofl:
  4. Smash keyboard…


You sir should go buy a lottery ticket!


Thank you :slight_smile: I guess that this is it for glory chests,at least for a while :slight_smile:


On the road again… :slight_smile:
Glory chests again :smiley:


Would you mind liking this post? Maybe some of that incredible luck will rub off… :open_mouth:


Well done! Such a fun troop to mess around with too. :wink: