2000 Glory in a day!


My glory was getting real low recently. I like to maintain ~2500, because some weeks I need to by a LOT of the troop packs. But I’ve gone to nearly 0 the past couple weeks, so it was time for some focused glory-generation!

To start, I used about 350 glory keys I had stockpiled, along with about 300 gold keys I purchased. The keys alone generated just under 400 glory for me. (Plus lots of souls, as I mostly disenchant everything for souls these days.)

Then I played some PvP - earned about 130 glory over the course of an hour or two of casual play.

Then I buckled down and did 40 maps. That was a few hours work - broken up by other tasks periodically - but at the end those maps earned me a total of 1470 glory.

So my total glory gain today was 2000. Not bad!


Nice Mr. Strange, you give me a lot of hope. Also, lord of pipeworks?


It is the company he works for. It also use to be the dev team that worked on the console versions of Gems of War.


Yeah I knew that Tacet, thank you though. Lord of pipeworks could have other connotations outside of the game for some. So it’s a question of mere cheekiness lol. Maybe he’s also a plumber?


[quote=“HKdirewolf, post:4, topic:11513, full:true”]Lord of pipeworks could have other connotations outside of the game for some.


Welcome to regular status, now you can pick up the pitchforks and torches with the rest of us who rabble rouse and over react.


2000 glory sounds good in theory. But all I took from it was it took 5-6 hours of mostly doing maps. Very low percentage of players can do that leading to inadequate glory for most.


Is no one going to point out this part? xD


I did about 20 maps yesterday, averaging about 65 moves per. I got a measly 22 glory per map average. I got a boatload of keys when I was needing glory and souls… :rage:


@Mr.Strange that confirm what i said, 4000 glory in a week is easy to get


Easy if you spend 15 hours playing Maps?

I think it is important to consider the average player. It is completely unreasonable to expect them to get anything like that. I am playing this a lot more than the average user and get around 1000 a week if I keep signing in for tributes over and over every evening


I just keep coming back to the time vs. reward of the maps. Like I said, I spent a couple hours on maps yesterday and averaged about 20 souls and 20 glory per map. I got a literal boatload of glory keys, despite getting 12 from my guild about 7 times yesterday.

It’s just too spread out for me.

Explore is a rifle. PvP is a rifle.

Maps are a shotgun.


I only do average 10 map per day, (4-5 min per map)

If you in an active guild you can get 300 glory keys every day , and if you make tons of pvp and put a good defense team you can get lot of glory there too

300 glory keys will give you average 120 glory, 10 map anothet 200
If you add 50 pvp win another 150 glory and if you get 10 defense wins another 30 also if you collect tribute every hour is another 20

Lets say you play 3h thats give you 60 glory

So 300+ 200+ 150+ 30+ 60 = 640 x7 days = 4480 glory


Exactly. And those payouts don’t vary widely. In a way they’re almost guaranteed.

I just did two maps right at 30 moves each. One got me 17 glory, 14 souls, and 4 glory keys. The other got me 1 gem and SIXTY SEVEN souls. That’s just way too unpredictable for me.


Unfortunately that is not the average players experience. Honestly, based on what im getting, I would estimate 400-500 glory as being the norm


400-500 look low how many hour per day you play average?

Also what is your routine? I mean how many pvp you play and map?


Do 10, or even 20 Maps and record the results. You’ll see there’s an average for each resource.

Maps are amazing for lower levels, not so much for end-gamers (might be different once they eviscerate Guilds though). Unless you are opening 1000+ Glory chests a week, Maps will allow you the best option for Glory.


I get about 1000 a week (very roughly). I pretty much only do PvP as I have been pushing to increase all my kingdoms levels (will be finished this week).

Maybe I could record my glory some week and compare it to yours? I am level 250ish, you are end game?


The problem is that time spent mapping isn’t being spent in PVP. The gold payouts from PVP are enough that I can, all by myself, buy enough Glory keys and gems through my guild. When there’s 2 or 3 other people doing the same, those keys and gems easily outpace maps, and I’m not in that active of a guild.

If I really need souls, I can do Explore runs. Right now, I’m doing Explore / Hard and my matches are taking anywhere from 40 seconds to 2 minutes. I’m getting about 65 souls per match and an Arcane traitstone about every 20 matches.

These are all fixed payouts. Of course, over LONG periods of time things average out. But this game isn’t about long periods of time. You’ve got a few days to hit an event or your SOL for days or even weeks. It’s about short bursts of activity and having good timing, neither of which lend themselves well to the “average” payouts of maps.


Yeah level 950 but if you only make pvp, what is your team? You need a quick team (less then 2 min) also a good defense team will give you 3 glory per wins

When i woke up this morning i had 12 def win and 3 def lost = 39 glory without doing anything