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The Quest to 999+ Attack

Today, I decided I’d mix up my Tyri farm and try to aim for 999 Attack instead of purposely losing from poison damage.
I failed to reach my goal but nevertheless im curious to see what others have reach.

What is the highest Attack you’ve ever reached on a card?

Here’s how far I got before I sadly won the game by skull damage.

AFAIK the highest you can get for any stat is 1000, I’ve done it with Golden Cog for armor.

You can easily test yourself by using the hero weapon that doubles attack… i think it’s Cauldron.

Let us know :slight_smile:

Early into the game we didn’t have caps to skill points, so they could be higher than 1000. There a screenshot out there of someone with a really crazy value.

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Put together a quick build to show cap

The build is actually fairly interesting too. In the test case I built up my hero so as to not accidentally kill the enemy. But when playing “for real”, doubling attack on Gorgotha along with extra life works well. Gorgothas defense makes the life gain feel “bigger”. And after doubling twice the Queen is dealing 100+ damage while Gorgotha and Seer feed her.

Green Seer
Hero - Cauldron
Queen Ysabelle

That’s pretty sick! I didn’t know there was a limit and that’s what I wanted to find out.
Im still fairly new (Under lv.100) but im really enjoying the game so far!

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Welcome to the game and to the forum. :smile_cat:


Thank you :slight_smile:

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I did this too with this team:

Brian the lucky / Acolyte / Valkyrie / Brian the lucky.

Works really well if you pick a challenge with a Fortress gate in the first slot. No skulls to worry about. I had every stat on each of the four troops maxed out at 1000. Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of it anymore. Was a lot of fun doing though. :wink:

The troop that has the easiest time reaching 1000 on all status is green slime. Back in the days
Goblin shaman
Green sear
Goblin shaman
Green slime
Could kill any team by rotating itself and getting slime to 1000 stats. Of course this was before the time of traits and death mark that can kill slime and make your stat upgrading quest futile. But it should still be the team to reach 1000 fastest.

I did 3 Brian the Lucky and Green Seer and won against a 8500 power team

So much buffing

How is the cap 20 for maps, i thought it was 10.

Tyri has an innate buff to the cap for maps. A dev confirmed that elsewhere.

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My wish, they buffed tyri! Does that meen they did the same to her brother.

Guardians wut


A similar experiment with a nice sideffect ^^

of course the gold at the end of the battle was just 2368 cause cap :wink:

This is why we have gold caps, seriously without the cap all my kingdoms would be at ten and my guild tasks would be at max.

You still don’t have all kingdoms at 10? O.o


I do not even have 1 kingdom at level 10.

I don’t even know what to say so I’ll just ignore what you said.

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Finally got a kingdom to level 10 and it is also 5 stared…it is whitehelm.