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What's your current PvP Defense

Figured I’d start something new here
I’m sure with the new patch we’d some newer defenses
Feel free to share below

My current defense is

Knight Coronet
Lava Elemental
Creeping Death (Hero)

Right now it is a single Bombot with a double brown banner.

Why would u do that :joy:

Currently it is:

Bone Head.

3x toadstools level 15 all 3 traits
1x giant spider with all 3 traits, level 18
mono purple banner
If i win, well i am sorry about the rng.

this week im running
knight coronet, griffon knight, dragon knight, and queen ysabelle

Howcome you not have Giant Spider to Mythic yet? I mean you have been here for over a year. Just curious, nothing else. :slight_smile:

Honestly can’t remember… probably involves Mantibores :smiley:

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Recently switched to a single Dwarven Slayer.

Well, no matter what I usually lose, so I try to make it entertaining for the invaders. Switch it up once a week or so but right now:

Winter Knight
Black Beast

Mang (Assassin***)
Green Slime*
Bone Dragon
Infernal King***

I probably should swap out Green Slime for Giant Spider…but I like the Slime!

Actually just changed mine for maximum chaos:

Nobend Bros x2
Hero w/ Prismatic Orb (start at 50% charged)

Should be good for some confused profanity. :slight_smile:

Emporer Khorvash
Merchants Blade

My mistake giant spider is level 19, closest i have gotten to a mythic troop was with the spooky imp, and i am hoping to pull him from chests soon BECause i need only one more. Giant spider is level !9 with 19 magic and spider swarm is level 18 and dokkalfar is level 18 as well.