Acolyte - Crazy High Attack Number

I played a PVP match and eliminated all the opponent’s troops except the Acolyte. He appeared to only have the first Trait and I did not check the level. During the game his shield went up over 300, health over 400 attack to over 1000!!! I should have taken a screen print. :hushed: Is this a glitch or for real? If real, how did they do it?

It’s real. It’s his spell - increase a random skill by 10 (to start). When that random skill is his magic then the increase amount goes up. Once his magic gets hit a few times his increase can be 1000. If he runs long enough he can max out all four skills at 1000.

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Wow!! Thanks. Guess I should use him in my troops.

He is descent. i use him in my rock worm lineup. 2x rockworm, acolyte, Valkyrie

Before the update I would use him in a team in challenge #5 of Khaziel (don’t remember what it was called) and had not had as much fun completing a challenge before that.

I used :
Hero with Crude Club / Acolyte / Valkyrie / Brian the Lucky and Blue / Green banner (I think)

The troop line up for the enemy had Fortress Gate in first position so as long as I didn’t kill it I could boost Acolyte to the max just for the fun of it. Since they changed the line up of the challenge I haven’t used him but he is pretty good with the right support.

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