I reached level 1000!


After 10,5 months I reached level 1000!

Some statistics:

  • Two Mythics: Jotnar Stormshield and Death (surprisingly both from Glory chests)
  • All Legendaries, except for the Spooky Imp, Summer Imp, Winter Imp and Imp of love.
  • Still need one Epic: Faunessa

I started a guild on my own, with my girlfriend (who doesn’t play much):

  • Guild level 52

  • Rank 3451

  • Guardian levels: Red 35, Blue 32, Green 26, Yellow 31, Purple 24, Brown 28

  • Longest winstreak: 196

  • Unique troops: 368

  • Total troops: 12.995

  • All kingdoms level 10 and 5 gold stars

  • Guild wars bracket 133

  • Never spent money on the account except for one very small amount to have VIP status 1

I still enjoy the game very much and I’m actually kind of addicted :smile:


Congratulations on reaching the “Sammy” milestone @MarioDaems!


Congratulations on that milestone!


There you go, well done! :smiley:


Welcome to the 1000 club! :sunglasses:



Congratulations. Now get that guild filled up! Get recruiting!!


A most satisfying achievement. Many congratulations from all at Match Masters :balloon::tada::confetti_ball::dizzy::boom:


Nicely done! Let me show you around the clubhouse! :smile:


Congratulations :tada::tada::tada:🖒🖒:grinning::heart:


Grats on your Sammy :sunglasses:


Congrats! That’s an awesome milestone to hit!


Proficiat Mario, op naar 2000 nu he :wink:


Thanks for all replies! Glad to see this community has some really nice people around!


Bedankt! We gaan ervoor! :sunglasses:


congratulations :smiley:
thanks for the statistics too!