The quest for fast explore

What do you explore with? Hit me with your best fast teams.

The ones I use atm

  • 4x Astral Spirit. Very fast but can get boring.
  • Valkyrie, Soothsayer, Crimson Bat, Mercy. A bit slower than Astral. Gains speed with a good Mercy start.
  • War and Peace, 3x Soothsayer. Saw this on a video @Tacet made. Just tried it out and it’s about as fast as the one above.

War and peace with 30+ damage to all and fast trait is very quick

With sufficiently-upgraded Bombots, you can pair them with Deep Borer, Anu’s Sceptre, or Apothecary to get fast wins. Machinist Hero, fully traited, speeds things up even further.


I play it on W4 for souls and guild seals with
Great Maw
Keeper Of Souls

It also works for PvP in case I mistakenly go into PvP (wich kinda happens a lot…)

Dust Devil
Dust Devil

2 casts of BT is a win, some times 1 cast + 2 DD

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Poor Keeper of Souls. Its traits are just woeful compared to more recent legendaries.

I’ve been using a Bombot team as well. One cast at my level usually results in a team wipe, if not the Mechanist or Flame Cannon mops up.

Deep Borer***
Mechanist*** w Imperial Jewel
Flame Cannon

+2 Brown Banner so Bombot can cast after a single brown match.
Imperial Jewel catches the other colors and usually performs the cleanup. Deep Borer provides brown gems if the starting board is bad. Flame Cannon is mainly there for the extra Adana + Mech bonus (total +10 armor) and provides extra AoE if need be.
If I get a brown match on turn one, explode Bombot on turn two and it’s Good Night Irene! Mechanist will finish on turn 3-4 if there are any survivors left.

EDIT: My Bombots are Epic and I have all +2 stat Kingdoms except for the two newest ones. Bomb detonates for 35 AoE.

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Valk, Rowanne, Prismatic Orb, Mercy, Dragon Banner, for speed clearing Normal explores. Buff Rowanne once with Prismatic, then cast her for a clear. A good lineup for Mercy at the start often produces a first-turn clear, and having Valk means it also farms souls for working on 5* kingdoms while you’re at it.

Maw, Valk, Justice, Mercy, Lion Banner for consistent Warlord 4 clears to break up the Seal grind. Use Maw on whomever is strongest just to get things rolling, use Mercy and Valk as needed to keep Justice full, and spam Justice on skulls as often as needed to clear (and again, also works for soul farming at the same time). It won’t always give you extra turns and it’ll often give the enemy skulls, but once Maw eats someone he can easily tank a few hits. It’s sometimes a close win, but I’ve never lost.

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I use Valkyrie, Rowanne, Rowanne, Mercy for hard farming. One difficulty higher works too

I use the lion banner.

A good mercy/Valkyrie cast makes this team very fast. Just use Rowanne skill twice in a row (hence two of her on a team) and it kills all enemies on hard

I don’t play explore mode often, but when I do I’ve been using this week. I play explore on normal normally for maybe 20 matches a week.


Druid and the bomb mop up easily.

I do normally only use it to test new teams and such.

I use a team very similar to @Lyya’s

Brown/brown banner
Fully traited mechanist wielding Daemonomicon
Bombot (1)*
Bombot (1)*
Bombot (1)*

  • epic rarity (37 armor w/ kingdom/guild bonuses)

Bombot deals 25 damage on cast and fill with just 1 brown match of any kind (due to fast from mechanist’s clockwork (3rd trait)

I chose to use Daemonomicon in that once in a while (about 1 in 20 or so games) there are no brown matches on the board and an enemy troop with huge (like Jarl) and since bombot dies on cast, the Daemonomicon fills the hole with a troop (that most importantly doesn’t use brown mana) so that if jarl survives with 3 life (it has happened once) you can still have an offensive presence (although the it is often not needed as the hero can often finish the job, but better safe then sorry)

…also, don’t forget to equip your hero with the perk that has him count as a mech, so that he can have a fast bonus too

Siren / Rowanne / Siren / Siren. All full traits. Green / Blue banner