Questline Hero rewards

So after you complete every questline, you get whatever the hero was that assisted you. In your opinion, are any of them worth getting? If so, which ones?

Directing your attention to this link:

Princess Elspeth and Bombs are great combos for clearing Questlines and Explores.

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All of them are worth getting, but I would focus on
Rowanne, Forest of Thorns (great dmg dealer, from beginning to end game)
Sparkgrinder, Adana (makes Rowanne awesome in early game)
Tyri, Zulkari (can be useful for farming early)

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Over time, they are all worth getting. If you’re in the early game, Luther and Tyri can be quite good. Rowanne can be very useful with the right team at any level. I really like Emperina and still use her at level 740. Some of the others can be very useful in certain situations, such as Ferit (who can target the last troop and drain their mana - very good in a ‘boss fight’), Avina (who does extra damage against Undead troops), Scarlet (who is really good against Beasts), etc.

Avina also generates a decent number of souls, which could be important for early on.
Atlanta is pretty good AoE.

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