FireBomb faster than Bombot for Explore?


Trying to decide if I should drop a ton of glory on leveling up firebot to rip through explores? My question is, is 4x firebot actually faster than elspeth, 2x bombot and mechanic hero? It doesn’t seem like it would be. With the bombot team, you can use elspeth first time, many times triggering an extra turn. Even if not that generally fills both bombots, with your second turn finishing off explore teams in one explode from bombot (on normal). Whereas with firebomb, even if they all start battle with full mana, and assuming they will kill an enemy in one shot in explore normal (will they one shot mythics?), that is still 4 turns to clear the board, unless their explosion gets lucky and gets a cascade for an extra turn.

Am I looking at it wrong? Are they actually faster than the bombot teams? Or are people just liking them because it’s a “different” faster explore team for traitstone farming?


Boombot definitively faster



+2 green banner

Sac Aurai on first turn, often kill entire team one shot with Rowanne.
This is by far the best explore team of them all.


I do like the sounds of that team.

I assume to make it “powerful” though, you need to have penguin and aurai fully traited? That’s 60 arcanes :\


I use Elspeth
Two troglodyte

Its not worth putting firebomb past Ur

A good fast pvp team is
Fire bomb x2
Dragon claw banner.

I’m managing most 3 trophy battles without too much problem.


Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb


Fire Guardian

Frees up the hero to do other things.


Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!

So even with all those teams, is it pretty much a consensus that bombot teams are faster at farming traitstones than firebomb?


Yes, I think bombots are faster then fire bombs.