Newbie farming for traits


Over the weekend I want to farm for traits because yet again I wasted them on troops I don’t use to help gain stars for my kingdoms. ( I really need to come here before making rash decisions lol) anywho, apparently now is a good time seeing that Gnomes are out and about roaming freely and I want to grab some goodies from them. Side note: while using my only vault key today the system glitches and I never received my reward😩

I have been reading some threads and got confused so before I waste any resources leveling troops I am here to get advice. I have Val, Rowanna, bombot and firebot which many people here talk about. I want to use them I just need advice on how to play them and what level they should be. TIA


Just to be clear, are you asking for advice on how to make a fast explore farming team? I’ll assume you are to start.

The best and fastest explore teams usually require a few traits to really work well.

The bombot teams usually require a fully-traited Princess Elspeth (and probably a fully-traited Mechanist hero class) to be fast. That is a big investment for a newer player and is probably not worthwhile.

Firebomb teams also need some traits, but because Firebomb is a common troop, it only takes one arcane rage stone (plus various lower traitstones) to get Empowered - his most important trait. If you have multiple copies of Firebomb, the strategy is usually to put something that does significant damage up front with Firebombs behind. With the empowered trait, you don’t need to collect mana. You can just cast the firebombs starting with your first turn. Each one will do damage to an opponent and by exploding red gems, you will collect random mana from the red gems exploded plus the random gems around them. You want the firebombs at the back of your team because they will soak up any red mana collected before they die.

The most common troops to put in front are Sunbird (which uses red, does significant split damage and regenerates to full health and armor each time you cast), Rowanne (who does good split damage, boosted by her armor), Forest Guardian (who, when fully traited, can give Sunbird half starting mana), Ogryn (who boosts all stats on all red troops by 5 when fully traited).

Various things can help to make the firebomb teams fast, but most require a significant investment in arcane stones. Getting Firebomb his 3 traits and levelling him up as far as possible is the first step. If you have that, maybe try Rowanne, Firebomb x3 and see how that goes. If you have something that uses red mana that won’t block Rowanne (Sunbird is perfect), you may want to put that first, then Rowanne and 2 firebombs. Rowanne’s damage depends on her armor, so you don’t want her taking any random skull hits while you are using up your firebombs.

Edit: I see from another thread that you have TDS at level 19. He would make a pretty good first troop to go before Rowanne. He’ll absorb the red and purple mana from the explosions while Rowanne picks up the blue and green. If you’re able to fill and cast both, you should easily clear any normal explore.


Thanks Stan
I have my firebot fully traited. I have rowanna but she has no trait and yes I have TDS. I have sunbird but since you said TDS is good I will use him

I will lvl all to max
Are you saying the goal is to cast the firebots to clear the board fast?


You don’t really need traits on Sunbird or Rowanne. Helpful but not needed at all.

Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb

Cast Fire Bomb(s), and then either of the first two as soon as they are ready. That should wipe out most opponents on Normal difficulty Explore.


Ok thanks
I am using TDS in front and it seem to be working.

What banner should I use with the above team I listed above?

How does the banner help? Should I choose a banner that drops mana for my team such as : red troops choose red banner? Cause that’s what I’m doing and I don’t seem to be getting the mana I need. Is it random? TIA


Yes, I’d probably use a banner that gives a boost to red and purple (abyssal banner if you have it). The blue/green banner to power Rowanne could work too.

The advantage of sunbird over TDS is needing only 12 mana versus 16. However, TDS will let you farm souls while you’re exploring, which may be a good tradeoff at this stage for you.


Been lurking this thread, want to say thanks. Following all the tips/suggestions stated above.

@Ksewell: don’t forget, this trait-farming team you’re asking for also makes grinding Event points that can be done in Explore a whole lot easier too. Like this week’s for example. This is one other reason I am liking this setup.

also, a FYI: The team (TDS-Rowanne-2x Firebomb) isn’t totally foolproof (not a matter to me, it’s just Event point / traitstone farming). Farming Arcane Skull traitstones for Xathenos in Dhrak-Zum. Suiciding Firebomb triggers King Bloodhammer’s 3rd trait. High comedy ensues. But no biggie, an Explore loss is worth the fireworks :smiley:


This is funny, because Fire Bomb teams will wipe the floor with Dhrak-Zum teams. I think 4 of my last 5 losses were Fire Bombs cascading doomskulls till my entire team was dead.



15sec normal mod.