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The Fastest Explore Deck (Bombot with PrincessElspeth)

#PrincessElspeth #Bombot #BlackManacles #DwarvenMiner #DwarvenBanner

  • #PrincessElspeth - no level up, full-traits (Empowered trait)
  • #Bombot - full level-up. no-trait
  • #BlackManacles - Mechanist class full level-up, full-traits (Clockwork trait)
  • #DwarvenMiner - no level up, no-trait (any brown troop)
  • #DwarvenBanner - brown +2

Very impressive!

Nice team. I’ll try it myself now that I got Elspeth. I’ll name that team Bitch & Bomb.


“Full traits”…, Nevermind

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Usually can get 2 arcanes per hour blitzing with this style deck

poor dwarven. I have him in my justice team. he fought bravely as a frontliner against wraith, bone dragon, and EK…

Cool team btw

Nice! I’ve been using this team the past few days, and it just mows through Explores (and challenges and quests too).

I used this team,got 16 ac about 5.hours

Excellent team, can’t wait till princess elspeth is available for me in a month or so (PS4 version)

Very interesting team. Now if only I had the arcanes to trait my mechanist class…

Edit: I did. Now to try it!

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What stones does it require? I’m out at the moment.

I’ve seen, 10 runics, Red and Brown and 16 Brown/red arcanes.
What does mechanist bring?
I currently only have archer and sorcerer fully levelled and traited.

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mechanist last trait is for all mechs to start with half their mana. Niche useful.

What’s the purpose of the Dwarven Miner again?

Death. Sacrifice (not the troops, his purpose). He’s just there for Elspeth to smack around, and create brown

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Ah yes. Me moron.

Aye, archer starts with half mana too

I don’t think this is the fastest Elspeth/Bombot deck. I have been using the following deck since her release:

Mechanist with Warden’s Gauntlets
Double Brown Banner

Elspeth targets Mechanist usually, except when there are targets with traited life drain (or some special death effect like Kerberos). In later case Elspeth targets the second Bombot instead.

Most of the time the two Bombots get charged the first turn. Warden’s Gauntlet is enough to clean things up in the second case, and slightly faster than Black Manacle, and only brown mana.
Here is the original discussion: New Kingdom - Silverglade


Mechanist’s third trait causes all Mechs in the team to start with half mana (including the mechanist if you have the 3rd perk selected). It’s equivilent to giving all mechs the Fast trait. Archer only has it for themselves.

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So machinist worth traiting then?