A couple questions about mana generated from explosions

  1. Does banner bonus work with explosions? If so, regarding the Sunbird/Firebomb combo, which banner would be better +2 red or +2 purple +1 red?

  2. Does a troop giving +1 to a color (fire link for example) add to mana gained from explosions?

I am pretty sure it just gives mana equal to gems exploded, or the percentage of mana, depending on the boom. No bonus from flags/links


That’s correct. Explosions give 70% of the generated mana, and no banner or troop modifiers are considered.


Thanks. I suspected that was the case because I’ve been trying to find the quickest Sunbird/Firebomb explore team with different banners and troops like Queen Aurora but I wasn’t noticing much difference in the % of times Sunbird would fill up from only 1 Firebomb cast. So in the end I figured the quickest team to be:

Abyssal Banner
Forest Guardian

If Sunbird doesn’t fill on 1st Firebomb it certainly will on the 2nd.

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it is a good team, If you have Ogryn traited, its better then firebomb x 2

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I’d rather blow up a 2nd Firebomb than have to match gems to fill Sunbird.

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I find that less than 1 in 10ish explores don’t fill sunbird with 1 firebomb. The ogryn not only gives sunbird 5 extra life for extra damage but also 5 more magic so 10 extra damage total. Plus firebomb gets 5 extra damage from ogryn as well. That equates to less than 1 in 20ish explores where sunbird doesn’t wipe the board.

To each their own but the ogryn feels more efficient to me as it rarely requires more than 2 moves. Your experience may differ though.


My fastest (15 second average) explore team consists of Crimson Bat, Princess Elspeth, Penguin, Ogryn. Eat either Penguin or Ogryn depending on what color there is more of, Bat one shots everything. In some cases a troop will have over 30 HP, and at that point either match skulls, or just use the usually already charged ability of whatever Elspeth summoned.

I use Sunbird, Forest Guardian, Fire Bomb, variable. (Abyssal)

variable = Ogryn, FB (rarely), the weekly troop for extra resources (mostly).

FB+SB should wipe the team the vast majority of the time, but on rare occasion a troop remains blind cast FG, on the rare occasion that fails to make a skull match then you to play.


Keep in mind a lot of weird factors affect how effective your Sunbird team might be.

When I first tried Sunbird/Firebomb, I didn’t like it as much as the Rowanne-based teams I was using. It turns out it’s because I hadn’t ascended Sunbird very far. It makes a big difference to have ascended these troops.

So I think any variant of the Sunbird team is good, but if it isn’t working for you and the troops aren’t legendary/mythic ascended, you’re going to have to stick with it.