The problem with superimposing one event on another,

Because of the kingdom event, kings appear instead of gnome, you can change their drop pool so that there is a chance of dropping one and the second in the event, because they overlap, and I get crowns that are not so interesting to me (because I completely closed them) ,

It was said that gnomes and battle crashers do not take up each other’s place.

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not quite so, they work from the total chance of BOTH events, what will fall out decides the chance of falling out at the moment of the event, in the beginning it’s kings, then dwarfs, because the chance of kings falling out has fallen, with each king falling out

I understand that it is 4 times harder, but still

Game rolls gnome first, battlecrasher second.

It has been tracked before and gnome appearance rate is the same (keeping natural fluctuations in mind) with or without battlecrashers.

Unless you can show numbers to prove otherwise, I’m inclined to trust what we ourselves have checked.


First 4 fight I have battlebrasher, only battlebrashers

I made 196 fights.
Gnome rate is %9.
But something wrong with the 10th Crown. Made 144 fights after the 9th one and still counting.
It’s worst than the first day.

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Since Kafka “fixed” the battle crasher appeareance rate it’s much harder to farm crowns.
The first day was the best, piece of cake.

I agree with that part. For players who did not buy the Royal Pass, Battlecrashers should not appear anymore after they finished level 50 as those serve no purpose whatsoever.

This makes sense. Assuming they haven’t changed gnome/BC spawning mechanics, then vault event
makes BCs more rare - each game where a gnome is rolled to appear means no chance to roll for a BC.

But then how will they remind you that you’re missing out and should spend some money on the game? :roll_eyes:

well, i got a battlecrasher and a band gnome in one explore battle today…never seen this before.
but there’s indeed sth wrong with battlecrasher and vault event now, as no one is able to get 10 battlecrashers today.

I’m skeptical that you’d be able to say definitively how the drop rates were changed, without a lot of data. You could have just been lucky the first day.