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There is something different about this battlecrasher [or not]

I stand corrected. Really strange though, about 200 games and no gnome before I retired for the day.

The event text says

Battlecrachers: Holidays
“It says Ragnagord and Krampus will appear randomly in PVP for the next 4 Days.”
(3 days in)

However, I have yet to see Krampus and nobody else has reported any either.
The event started with 500 gold, which according to this was a mistype, but out of the goodness of I+2’s heart, we’re getting the (better) 5 glory now.

Good: Battlecrashers only appear in PVP (can be totally avoided in explore, for those who do not believe devs re: gnome/battlecrasher interaction)
Bad: I’ve seen many battlecrashers in cPVP but haven’t seen a single gnome after something like 150 games?
Bad: Battlecrashers appear in PVP - it’s blocking gnomes, notably PET gnomes

I’ve always been on the dev’s side re gnome vs battlecrasher, but this one has clearly been implemented differently, i.e. the PVP distinction. To be clear, from one single data point (mine :slight_smile:) - gnome rate is 0% in casual PvP. It’s not statistically impossible yet, but is the longest stretch I’ve ever experienced by far without any gnome.

Happy to stand corrected - please let me know if
a) you’ve seen a gnome in Casual PvP
b) gnomes are appearing as often as before battlecrashers

3 casual PvP games so far - 2 battlecrashers, 1 Treasure Gnome.

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Gnomes are appearing in Casual PvP, I haven’t done enough battles to say anything about their rates.

edit: and a pet gnome a few battles later

I have never seen evidence that battlecrashers reduce gnome rates. When people tracked during Vault weekends that also featured battlecrashers, they found that the outcome is consistent with what the devs have maintained: the game rolls first for a gnome, and then for a battlecrasher should the first roll fail.


The gnome event doesn’t start until the 25th anyway?