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The power of three traits

I am 3 arcane venoms away from making my death card a triple traited hero. Can’t wait to wreak havoc soon. Name your triple trait beast card

Without a doubt-

GARD’S AVATAR, absolute killer

and perhaps the worst Triple Threat out there…



Khorvash is love, Khorvash is life


Best 3 trait? I’d go with Emperor Khorvash. All his trait is so synergize to make him one of arguably best top spot troop. His legendary trait is also the best imho. A trait to disable another trait? Yes please.


Emperor K. Although its not like he has any bad traits, there all 3 are OUTSTANDING.


Yeah I have khovash in my main attack group triple trait with valkery and seer lastly queen mab. It’s pretty bad A–

Jarl Firemantle has been my best 3 trait lately.

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Sylvanimora, took me AGES. So worth it as passive card.


Of the troops I have, Bunni. Against knights he’s lethal. I have 2 x Bunni, giant spider 3* and shadow dragon (no traits needed on him really)

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As far as beastly third traits go, I’d have to say Mab, followed by Sylvanimora. In my opinion, those two are possibly the most versatile utility traits in the game. Nothing quite like completely obviating enemy 4-matches, or Skull hits.

Honorable mention for non-Legendaries goes to Mercy. Her entire raison d’être is that third trait. (See also my flair!)


Pretty much what Lyya said.

Mab’s third trait is so strong. Though I think Khorvash might have a spot over Sylvanimora in my book because of how traits one and two synergize to push him as a troop that much further, a far more useful spell (imo), and a handful of other things. But looking just at the third traits? Mab > Sylv > Khorv > Gotha > Death

If we want to take all traits into account, the strongest combinations of traits or abilities/traits would probably go Khorvash > Manticore > Spirit Fox > Mercy > Mab. Mab only taking fifth because her Arcane and Frozen synergize with a great deal of gem looping teams, and not just looping back in on herself as a single troop.


I agree that all those traits are amazing… until they meet Khorvash.

Oh you’re immune to frozen because you’re a frozen queen… let’s see.
or when Khorvash turn those graniteballs into pudding.

Agreed. She’s the only transformer with empowered which make her too strong sometime. That also make her essential for very fast deck.

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Ek on invade … man, I don’t pass up scary teams, now. (Like Jarl, and his light the place on fire 3rd) Bring on the Jarls! Lol

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if i can post a pc/mobile unit then… Humility!

it is usually slow, but whenever i boost a unit with it, weather its gard or bat or something new, - it is certainly fun! thats why this is my favorite 3 trait one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: