Legendary/Mythic 3rd trait mechanisms

Playing with Jotnar, could there please come a fix with his last trait mechanism so he at least barriers someone who does not already have barriers to them. Same is going to a few other troop like Doomclaws and Yasmine’s Chosen last traits. :slight_smile:


You fine with Mab in defense with the same fix?

Yes I am. How about you?

As long as spammers don’t rewrite stones of the same color and can become the loopers they are meant to be. (In fact Mab would be far better in offense).

I thought about this for a bit and I’m against it.

  1. It would make Mab even more powerful than she already is. Same goes for several others, but Mab would be the worst offender.
  2. Impervious is strong enough as it is and would become even more powerful this way since right now, RNG can sometimes protect you still. Especially with loopers like Yasmine’s Chosen, RNG and Impervious are the only ways to avoid getting fully entangled. Put the RNG factor down even more by limiting the targets once one becomes affected and Impervious gets boosted even more.
  3. I am twitchy enough about Fairy Fire as it is, don’t need that crap to become even more potent than it already promises to be.
  4. Jotnar is already a pain to fight, I don’t want him to be even stronger. :stuck_out_tongue: I hate barriers.

First we make them stronger, then we nerf them. Sounds good to me.

I use Mab in offense, I like her being an offender. As a defense troop, she’s vulnerable to Silence and that’s a good thing.

I use her in my PVP team as well (though she doesn’t get filled that often since there’s two blue troops in front of her), but mostly for her freeze, not her Mana Burn (too many Impervious troops in PVP to be really effective). As such, silence isn’t even the main concern for her. It’s her freeze that’s the issue and what’s point of the discussion here.

And everyone who uses Goblins or Yasmine’s Chosen against defender-Mab will likely also agree that silencing her doesn’t do anything to make life better. Stun, however, does. A lot.

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The threat from Mab here is when traited she freezes a random opponent on a 4/5 match. You probably meant Stun, though silencing her is also a good idea.

In the sense of the whole thread, I don’t know how I feel. I think this is a good check on the power of these particular traits. If it were adjusted to always hit a troop without the status effect, I wonder if it wouldn’t cause so much synergy with trolls or exploders it’d call for an instant nerf. Maybe on a troop-by-troop basis a decision could be made, but “in general” it feels too powerful.

Right now it accomplishes a neat kind of diminishing returns affect that helps but isn’t quite as powerful as “do something to the whole enemy team” unless you’re playing vs. a really good looping team. I like that.


they already change the mechanic to trigger anything only once per board action, so i think this idea wasn’t too much to ask. you need 4 turns of 4/5 matches or good cascades to get them all anyway.

My teams aren’t too affected by Freezing, and then I have a Mab of my own. She can kill a team all of her lonesome and it’s a worse problem.
…still think that’s not the Mab, it’s how you use it. She makes dangerous teams worse.,

This. Every troop with a match trait needs to be looked at individually. This should have really been done when the match trait nerf was first considered (and maybe it was, because Jotnar was buffed, but honestly he was not even the worst off).

Of the troops with match traits that are a major part of their design, I think Doomclaw is way too weak (he already was, but this nerf took even using him as an enrage bot and made it even harder), Jotnar and Yasmine are about right (but you still often can’t use their traits as much more than damage boost tokens, which I think still can be addressed), and Mab and Khorvash are plenty strong (plus, reapplying a status is far from “useless” unless its all on the same turn, whereas reapplying a buff is always useless). Others don’t fit into either “fine now” or “bad because nerf”, because the traits were already of limited use (like Venoxia). For non-status/buff match traits, Ketras probably took the biggest hit because him being an early match, defensive stat dependent sniper, buffing him to lethal levels with his trait often requires a full extra turn of setup, which is make or break to his design. Others, like Behemoth and Plague can still do what they are supposed to and are pretty much fine as is.

I’d propose Yasmine, Jotnar, and Doomclaw get a chance for their trait to also target the first slot in addition to whatever random target was selected, making it more likely that the first troop will have their status/buff at any given time and giving them just a bit more chance of being able to use their status/buff for its intended purpose rather than just damage boost tokens, which I don’t think is too much to ask from mythic level traits. Ketras could use a buff to +3/+3/+3 on Raging Bull. Everyone else is in a nebulous area where I don’t believe their kit was too negatively impacted and they can live with the nerf, even if they did take a hit. For example, Elemaugrim can no longer annihilate everyone’s attack in 1 or 2 troll casts, but looking at the fact that his trait is -4 attack to begin with, I have to question that that was intended in the first place.


If all “4-5 match” traits would work in this sense Khorvash would be above a lot of troops as his trait would shutdown every other similar trait unless the troop also has immunity to Stun.

A case by case review of the mechanic would be ideal.

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