New Trait Idea!

Here is a new trait that I thought of that I think could work, but it’d have to be a one of the exclusive traits on a Mythical/Legendary (probably).

Reflect is an obvious name for it, although I think it’s already taken so maybe Revert or something.

Revert - To reflect all status effects back to caster/attacker/enemy, which could include Mana Burn… but I would stay away from Devour/Lethal damage.

What do you guys think?


Sounds like a fun idea, put one up front and Psion drains his own Mana or Famine loses 3 from a random stat :smiley:
Emperor Khorvash stuns himself…

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Queen Mab, Emperor Khorvash, Yarl Firemantle, Magnus, and several other teams would be severely effected by this. It would nearly be impossible to fight for a Skadi/Mab team, or any team that relies on status effects. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I think it needs some tweaking to feel a bit more balanced. Then again, you DID say it would be saved for Legends or Mythics, so… It would definitely shake up the meta. I’m all for shaking up the meta, even though my team has both Mab AND Khorvash on it, I wouldn’t be against the idea.


With only actual status effects this wouldn’t be too bad. Ones like stun, burn, poison.
Not the ones provided by traits that damage or steal stats/mana.
But especially mana burn (as it isn’t a status effect) won’t do anything.