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Is it still worth it to trait Queen Mab now?

Chests now have 2x Spirit Traitstones. But she seems to disappear from metagame.

Maybe something like:


would still be viable? Is it still worth to trait her? Any new good teams?

More and more things keep getting resistance to mana burn, but her legendary trait is always worth it. The only time a fully traited Queen Mab isn’t worth it is if the enemy has 2 or more impervious.

She still is one of my favorite troops and great to use in Explore Mode. It’s ok that now she isn’t perfect for any battle, but no troop should ever be. :slight_smile:

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I’m nervous for the longevity of Queen Mab for PvP
With every new addition of a meta shaker with impervious or mana shield she becomes useless (mana shield completely negates her damage but at least her freeze still works so that’s not as big of a deal).

That’s going to need to be watched carefully.

But for now she’s viable and is in my main PvP team that I rarely ever lose with (Emperor, Mab, Valk, Mercy). I switch my team up if I’m going against an impervious heavy team. So far the most annoying thing that heavily counters Mab and is in a lot of teams is Manticore.

Just be wary about her because I don’t know how much longer she will be viable with such a hard counter… I still am flabbergasted that mana shield was even added to the game… As if impervious wasn’t enough lol

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This is why it’s dangerous to go by player knee-jerk “zomg nerf” feedback. The devs have to be extremely careful not to rubber-band the relative power level of a troop.

If I had to posit a guess, I’d say that both Maw and Mab are now sufficiently tamed (as both are still on the upper end of the power curve, but not everywhere as before), and so the lens will move to new flavors of the month. She’s in no more danger of obsolescence as any other troop now, which is to say that it might happen, but incidentally, and not through conscious action on the dev team’s part.


Well she has a higher chance to become more obsolete because she is one of the only troops that literally has her entire kit negated by impervious and has all her damage negated by mana shield… So if they continue to release very good impervious and mana shield troops then she could become obsolete.

As long as they are careful it shouldn’t happen.

I feel like mana shield should only negate a portion of mana damage… But that’s just my opinion

Mana Shield, as a targeted immunity, seems fine to me. Lots of troops lose their edge when facing a team that can counter their gimmick. (A team full of Alert troops, for instance, would render The Silent One effectively as useless as Queen Mab.) Besides, Mana Shield doesn’t prevent her third trait from Freezing them. If there’s an issue here, it’s that Impervious has become very strong as a single trait. It completely negates all interesting forms of attack short of skulls, mana drain, and direct damage/true damage spells. As well, it is one of the very few traits (perhaps the only trait?) that is future-proof, insofar as it will grow to include new immunities to debuffs that haven’t even been conceived yet.

You could make an argument that Impervious is too good. That doesn’t make Mab bad, or singled out in any way.


Mab is still incredibly powerful against troops that don’t have Mana Shield or Impervious. As many have said (wasn’t just me, right?) she should have been toned down in power more and not so utterly hard-countered by those traits.

One of the best Mab teams is still 2x Mab, Soothsayer, Valkyrie (not usually in that order).

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i took out one mab and replaced it with famine… so now running on attack, maw, valk, famine, mab… works well even against teams with impervious.

Gotta trait them all.

I share your sentiments exactly! There is room for more interesting traits, especially those that make team selection a decision rather than quickly pushing the button, but Impervious has made all of those moot, an uninteresting. It would be nice to see some of the lesser immunity traits combined, say Immunity to Silence and Web, while also reducing the impact of Impervious(either through removal, making it a Legendary/Mythic only trait, or simply reverting it to the previous state).

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Yes impervious does make Mab bad and hits her worse than others because she literally can’t do anything against impervious… She can’t freeze and she can’t do spell damage so tell me how impervious does not hit her harder than others?? Other people can still damage impervious, just not with status effects.

I did mention at least one other troop that’s affected (The Silent One) but Maw is another. Mab is not singled out.

Mab is far from “bad.” You just have to be careful about when you use her now, whereas before, she was universally dominant.


Honestly I can’t even believe that people use the silent one, seems incredibly underpowered… Rather than silencing them it’s so much nicer just to mana drain them. Maybe his skill should also do a bit of damage. Then that would protect him from not being obsolete against impervious.

I just find it hard to believe that people think it’s acceptable to render a troop 100% useless with a measly trait… There are other better ways of countering rather than immunity. She should have just gotten a nerf, although she did get an annoying nerf (annoying because now you have to spend time to count the blue gems :P) I can see how that wouldn’t be enough… So should have nerfed the damage or 1/2 the magic effect like they did to Crimson Bat. And this doesn’t just affect Queen Mab but also those that do Mana Burn in the future. It hits those with Mana Burn harder than others because the devs balance the Mana Burn around the fact that that’s their damage part and so they won’t put anything crazy along with it. So in other words, any future troop that has mana burn will most likely only have that bit of damage unless they do a hybrid (does x damage, then mana burns as bonus).

I just think that it’s going to be a balancing nightmare because you don’t want cards to become obsolete. In the future with more and more impervious and mana shield, those mana burn troops will be less and less effective. All my point is that they need to watch out and keep in mind that people still want to use these heroes. If the meta ever shifts to full impervious it’s going to be exceptionally annoying

As I stated, Mana Shield is not 100% protection from Mab. It is against Jackelope, but Mab has Winter Veil.

It’s Impervious that renders her unable to do anything but skull damage. Other troops are affected by Impervious as well, though Mab moreso than others. That’s balanced by the fact that she’s still very effective against everything that isn’t immune to her.

As evidence of her continued strength and utility, she’s part of the most annoying defense team in the current field at endgame.

Nice to see that i’m not alone on this. As it goes some immunities are simply irrelevant, extending the protection to more effects would tweak it a little for the better.