Please take away mana burn immunity from Impervious


Plz Nim and Sirrian take it away. Mana burn has so much potential and so many new cool troops can get this ability. Plz take away any traits that is immune with Mana burn. Also plz take away the Mana Burn trait.


Except “Mana shield”, right?


No exceptions, brudda. This is also a protest so we will never ever see Mana shield trait.


@Stan we seriously dont need immunity traits against every little thing in this game. We get too closed in then.


Ah, yes, the days of Queen Mab ruling supreme. I do seem to recall a collective sigh of relief when Impervious and Mana Shield were introduced, meeting Queen Mab in 99 out of 100 defense teams sure got stale.



I think there needs to be a reasonable defence against Mana burn. If not for that, I would literally use Gorgotha, Mab, Valk, Mab on every battle. I mean, I love that team, but I accept it isn’t healthy to be able to steam-roll every single thing with it.


Would it be too powerful in the currently meta without immunity traits for mana burn? I doubt it, I think it would be fine. I cant be the only endgame player with tons of experience that thinks this. And let me also ask, is there not a little too much to have an own mana burn trait as mana shield as well as have the immunity in the impervious trait as well? I know that it depends on how many troops that has the traits. But only one troop with immunity from an enemy team is needed for me to not go full mana burn team, and that happens far too often.


I’m not really arguing with you on impervious (I think that trait is a little too good). If mana burn was only stopped by mana shield, that would be fine with me.


its not arguing, we have a discussion.


No, just no. Impervious was crated this way for a reason, so was Mana Shield. Mab/Justice interaction is really not fun to play against if it gets a lucky streak so it’s good that there is a way to counter it.


I agree on that. A single Amira or Valk will stop me from using my Mab team. Having all the impervious troops around makes me almost never use my Mab team.


The Devs implemented these traits because sore players constantly whined…


No one hates the Justice league more than me (well, maybe @Salibu), but I think that is really a different issue. If they can get Justice under control, then this is still a meaningful conversation.


Ok, one can’t have a reasonable discussion when one starts throwing insults so have a good one.


I am happy that you agrees that immunity to mana burn should be taken away from impervious. I could possibly lived with that.


I don’t think that’s true. They brought in Amira as a hard-counter to Mab, but only because Mab was running wild. It wasn’t “whining” but a combination of feedback, data and the dev’s own view of matters that resulted in these traits coming in.


It would be good if impervious was working at the moment, which it isn’t


Is it only devour-immunity that is borked, or are there additional issues? I’m hoping this doesn’t need a client update to fix and/or that this bug never makes it’s way to console.


I agree that using the word whining was to stretch it too far, and apologize it.