The Peasants Are Revolting


Perhaps they gave in to mob mentality.


The original Gnome, Moa, is back again this Thanksgiving! It even give 5 Glory instead of extra traitstone.

Thank you so much, Devs! :grinning:


Agree, Moa invasion is pretty sweet!


Congratulations! :hugs:

And, perhaps, your perspective on our similar experiences with favorable RNG is more fitting and appropriate than mine.

I was just going to say, “I’m thankful for pulling a Gard’s Avatar from event chests,” when it was my turn at the Thanksgiving table to cite what I was most thankful for… :wink::grin:


Just over 100 keys for the new legendary, opened one at a time as usual :+1:


No need for keys


This was on Monday.

How many Hogun guilds are there? This would be the fourth I’ve noticed?


Ooooft, what a great pull! Congrats to you and your guildies @Maxx!


There are 4 although one of them is an open no reqs guild mainly for members of the other 3 guilds looking for a break.


Waited until the class event to open chests, in case the event shop was nice to me. (It wasn’t)

Took 450 event keys to get the new legendary. Glad I did 50 at a time, would have gone nuts doing 1 at a time to save keys.

The mythic came at the same time as the legendary, so I’m happy. My first kingdom higher than 9 stars.