The Peasants Are Revolting


What infuriates me is why Khorvash was changed from Knight/Monster to Human/Monster. He is clearly wearing armor thus making him a knight. That change makes the two of them unbearable together and that’s not including Champion of Anu (Who’s in Soulforge right now).

Oh and, she’s the first troop that has spell armor that isn’t delve exclusive… just… why? You thought she was easy to kill or something? As for Angry Mob, my only problem with it is… it is ANOTHER troop with Brown/Red Arcanes. Can we get a different kind of Arcane instead of the same one showing up so frequently?


My luck, its going down the tubes lol…


The devs in the past have explicitly said that this was one of the core reasons why the Soulforge exists.


The only problem is the amount of time it takes to craft one and as time goes along, it becomes unsustainable to keeping up. I don’t even think it’s possible to get 4000 diamonds in 1 month and that’s just for a mythic. Sure, legendaries are easier to get at 800 diamonds but to mythic it, you’d technically need 4800 which is worse than a Mythic naturally.

Reason why I mention getting a Legendary to Mythic is for 10 stars or above which require level 20 troops which is mythic rarity.


I did a little bit of work on the Diamonds page in the GoW wiki, but I didn’t consider diamonds you get from guild rewards and event rewards (if any) because I couldn’t find any public indication of those numbers at the time. (Looks like guild tasks give 150 diamonds/week?)

Anyway, ignoring that above number, the numbers I ran are:

  • If you spend 50 gems and $5/day, it takes 4.1 weeks to have 4,000 diamonds.
  • If you only splurge on Sunday, it’s 13.2 weeks.
  • If you don’t spend anything at all, it’s 18.3 weeks.

Adding in 150/week is only interesting in the “spend $35/week” case. It proves it is possible to craft a mythic slightly faster than 1/month. But only just. It will cost you $140 per (mythic | month) to maintain this rate. Or, you could buy two video games with hundreds of hours of content instead.

So really I think it’s not a game where you expect to 100% except “over a very long time interval”. My experience is once you hit late-stage endgame, you tend to expect to get your mythics and legendaries outside of exceptionally bad luck that only happens maybe once every 6-10 months per player. It seems possible to obtain “everything”, but only if we consider 2-3 years “a reasonable timeframe” and it’s getting harder. That’s why the people at the tippy top of the ascension leaderboard tend to be 3 and 4 year veterans.


I got the same thing on my second pull of 50 event keys :)! Merry early Christmas to us!


I think I might be holding the record at ~300 event keys for Astra :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :cry: :disappointed: (no Gard’s either, to compensate - not that you’d expect it in that many keys). Way too many Angry Mobs - I’d much prefer the new troop to be exclusive to the Glory Rewards part of the Shop, to avoid redundancy.


At some point it becomes easier to catch up, if a player is in an active guild then it’s assumed that eventually a Mythic can drop from a legendary task or keys used. I’ve got Fallen Valdis in event keys during Drak-Zum event because i still needed to ascend some troops, from legendary tasks we got Infernus and Jotnar on my guild, those Mythics i already had, but in the past when i was missing five or more Mythics i managed to get them on Soulforge, and we didn’t even had gnomes giving some Diamonds back then.

You need to face this with a wider perspective: Craft the Mythics you want to use, then craft the ones you need for kingdom stars and that may or may not fit in a team, always buy the 50 gems offer in the shop everyday and later, use your extra shards to craft more Diamonds and after a long run you’ll have all mythics and can start pilling up Diamonds:


It won’t be fast, but it’s possible.


I beat you buddy. Initially 189 keys didn’t pull it. I then warped through about 21-22,000 glory, about 120 keys worth. I then used the rest of guild tasks on keys, so another 10 and then spent 1 x 10 gems, then 2 x 143 gems and on the second x 10 gems got 1 copy. Would have burned more glory if there was a mass buy button no doubt.

An alt got 2 with 61 keys.


Speaking of the new Legendary again, got it in 11 Keys. Question now being if I dare open up any more event keys this week or wait for next week since I have every troop and really rather not have a duplicate Gard’s Avatar


Also I just realized “revolting” can be interpreted as either:

  • a verb meaning that the people are in the process of a forceful rebellion
  • an adjective meaning the peasants’ appearance causes disgust


Yup, that’s the Chicken Run joke. :stuck_out_tongue:


only needed the new legend …so i opened one key at a time and got it on the 3rd key . What Luck! thanks RNG gods … I’ll try to remember this next time I go to bitch about you .


It took me 412 event keys for one copy of Astra.


Ouch… Somedays the RNG is clearly mad at us.


I sometimes think that how many troops we are missing plays a part in the formula. It seems like newer players or mid game players don’t have as hard of a time pulling some of the new troops as I do. I have no evidence of that, just how it feels sometimes.


Can I petition for the consolized version of angry mob to be “to use codes” instead of more codes?


In a sense you are not wrong. As endgamers have all troops sometimes it simply means that targetting specific troops becomes harder or more time consuming in some cases.

Newish players will also miss newly released troops, but sometimes they get some troop they didn’t had, or at least eough copies to ascend one troop or another, out of their keys so things feels less aggravating to them because they at least accomplished something.

After using 200 (my case) or 400 (your case) Event keys just to get a copy of a new Legendary, and nothing else we can use, feels wasteful.


That is the truth.


I find it strange that you nerfed explosions, then starting giving new troops mass destroy.

Do you want us to have mana or not?