Money, Money, Money

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Must be funny.
In a rich man’s world.

New Troop: Merchant Prince

The Merchant Princes of Darkstone have grown extremely wealthy over the years, not only on the back of human suffering, but also by plying illicit potions and elixirs throughout the dark corners of Krystara.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Yeah baby first!!!

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What did you win?


The honor to be first to like sirrian post :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t get it. Nice to know in advance, I suppose, but what Kingdom is the event? What traitstones will I get? More info would make these announcements much more useful.

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Darkstone and Shield


I like the art but won’t use the troop

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You can rely on the old man’s money.

The story is really short, sirrian was probably too busy to fix bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah same, finally we have a Prince that is eating tons of donuts for his living. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let loose the Bonnies.

He probably eated Bonnie rose

So event boosts will be darkstone/human?

This troop looks fairly useless… khorvash traitstones tho

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That is a good thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

We don’t really need more 4x 50% only weeks.


2 weeks against 4X +50% teams is already enough for me…


Thrall will be fun this week. Last time there was a Darkstone week Thrall could nearly steal the entire board!

Also, expect Anointed Ones in PvP, they won’t be huge threats… if they don’t fill up their mana that is.
I’m thinking Humility (shield) or Courage (boost) would go well with Anointed One.

Also, lead Psion +25% boost incoming.


If it’s 25% boost to Human, we may see a lot of knights from Sword’s Edge.

Thanks @Sirrian ! Any chance you might consider bumping the Gold Bonuses up to 50% and releasing a Pharos Ra for Gold? Would be very fun to build a deck that racked up massive gold bonuses (IE, > 1,000 extra gold for a solid Gold deck). Just an idea…



@Saltypatra @Sirrian
Console is owed merchant blade when we get this guy.

We are currently waiting for an event that it will sync well with… Any guesses as to what that event will be? (Hint, it’s this one!)

So it will be released when Money, Money, Money hits console.