Money, Money, Money

Yay new stuff. And yay good riddance to 50% boosted Orcs. Really think these events and the flat stat boosts need re-thinking…


Or at least lower the flat boost.
25+25 is just too much.
Maybe cut it down to 20+20 instead… or lower.

I maintain that Orcs in particular was due in part to the kingdom having just been reworked. Centaurs wasn’t anywhere near as bad. Though screw Astrals lol.


Really? I disliked the Orion - 3x Astral Spirit and 4x Astral Spirit week much more than the Orcs. The Astral Spirit week was boring as hell because it was so predictable. At least with the Orc week there was the newness of the Grosh’nak rework that made it (a bit) better…


Or the bonus should not be stackable so max bonus is only +25%.

I had a strategy against Astrals most of the time (something to do with mass summons like Aby until their initial advantage wore off).

Orcs have crazy high damage and summons and speed from Garnok. Requires a dedicated control team or a great starting board in order to forestall that. The former is inevitably very slow.

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How about limit the boost in one team? like set 4 up arrows a maximum, you can take 2x50% troops or 4x25%, or in this case of orcs, allow 4 of them appear together but automatically reduce boost on each to 25%, that will be fine in my opinion.

How about we let the Dev’s focus on the fix list before the wish lists?

Though I do agree, and am hoping for/looking forward too, a wider range of possible options for the flexibility that is not being utilised currently that could offer a huge range of variety to the weekly events.
Even so it appears fairly clear from some recent dev post that time is a limiting factor currently and a few fixes and crafting would probably be on my wish list before more event variety

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Has anyone found a team that isn’t painfully slow that uses the prince?

And thus the unofficial name of Darkstone has been disclosed:
The Dark Corner of Krystara

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I would like to sincerely thank @Sirrian for getting that damn abba song stuck in my head… Probably for eternity

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Missed chance for a cool event task this week:
Generate x amount of gold with troops abilities.


Troop Design is nice.

I don’t use prince in PVP, but my explore team is:
Hero Mechanist Imperial Jewel***
+2 Brown Banner
(Don’t forget, you get 400 bonus gold for using prince in explore)

I ONLY sac prince if there is not a brown match currently on the map, otherwise always match 3 brown then boom the bot, usually match over. If anything survives bombot, usually hero is filled and able to slay on next turn. Lots of quick gold and traitstones on normal difficulty explore and high speed on PC.