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[The Outcasts] Recruitment (19/30)

We’re a friendly guild of long-time players that decided we wanted to play GoW in a more relaxed and less competitive way.

Everyone is welcome – new and old players – as long as you’re willing to follow our simple rules and requirements (low-leveled, starting players could have lower gold requirements, too).

Be respectful! This rule is EXTREMELY important. GoW is just a game, and players are real people.

Minimum requirement goals (we may start slowlier to make sure everyone adapts):
100k gold (50k for low-level players)
650 seals

Note: We don’t have a minimum trophy requirement. We believe that you should play in a way that better suits your needs.

We also prefer communication via our discord server chat, but it’s not mandatory. Although you don’t have to be chatty, some minimal communication level (again, not necessarily on discord) is desirable.

We currently have 11 free spot. If you’re interested, leave your invite code! :slight_smile:


Still recruiting :wink:

Good luck guys! :clap:


Requirements updated! Don’t be ashamed to ask if you have any questions!

We lowered requierments and we have now some extra spots ! :slight_smile:

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We have 9/20 members now. Still a long way of recruiting for a new guild =)

Sorry to see you guys go but I wish you luck with your new guild! Happy Hunting! :wink:


We’re still looking for members :wink:


She’s waiting for your invite:)

I just sent you an invite ! Welcome !

We still have 9 spots ! :wink:

Sry Daea is not me, is a player i found for you guys :wink: Take care of her. I told her you are nice guys :stuck_out_tongue:


My bad, thank you a lot ! :slight_smile:

We have 12/27 members now. The recruitment must go on!

TIGREVURMUD VORN (either with or without _ between words)

Ex guildmate of mine, was a bit busy with school so i kicked him at that point, but now he’s back and ready to play. Can do around 200-250 trophies with some spikes to 350-400.


13/28 now ! :slight_smile:


Should i look for more?

LE: question asked cause someone (aka mako) is afraid of a recruiting bill i should give him. :laughing:


Just think to pass to our guild secretary. There is your bill ready ! Ahah :smiley:


Weston 8 (with or without _)
His wife is not home yet, but she will want to join too

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I saw hiis messages in chat, sent him the invite

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Make it 18/30. Still recruiting, obviously. We’re Platinum II already, going up quickly =)