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Looking for active-casual guild

I would like to join a guild with 20+ active members, low gold contribution requirement(10-15k) and no or minimal seals/trophies requirement.
I’m at level 60, kingdoms at level 5.

Judging by the recruitment threads here, GoW is a game purely for hardcore players but hopefully there are other guilds out there as well. :slight_smile:

And just to be clear, while looking for “casual”, I do expect the guild to have activity/gold requirements. In my experience “enjoy at your own pace” guilds don’t work very well.

Also looking for an active-casual guild. Will meet reasonable requirements that can be reached by a guy that would play 1-4 hours a day. Thanks!

My guild Dynasty is on a recruiting spree. Currently 3/30 but you two sound like players that we are aiming for. No strict requirements but the general desire to make decent progress. Rank 1550 with the +100% bonus.

still interested?

Drums Of Thunder is open to you as well! No hard requirements but a will to do your best. We Are a new guild of 7, up from 1 last week . I contributed 600k gold last week but I won’t carry you. You must contribute.
We hope to welcome you both.
Drums Of Thunder

If your still looking reply with your user ID

All of you people just blowing around in the wind? Join up with the Skyrunners! We have 10 active members and I’m trying to fill out our roster. Guild rank 618. Only requirement is that you are active. Send me those invite codes!

Lyndale and TSU, let’s join forces. I’m the guild leader of Skyrunners. Send me invite codes of anyone who wants to join and you guys/gals all have spots. I only offer for you all to join us because it sounds like we are a higher ranked guild. Otherwise I’d be fine bringing my guild to you.