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Very active player donation 200k gold & 1kmin seals

Hello i’m playing gow for a long time starting on ps4 without being very active. But with the new guild system, i m reallly addicted to goW and now im looking for an epic min top 100 guild with active donator.
Just leave me a message here if ur guild is recruiting and a little presentation of it. Thx for read :wink:

Hey there
My guild (Spear of Destiny) is recruiting. We are looking for active players just like you.
Right now we are Elite V, rank 220, but we are looking to level up it really soon.
We usually ask 300k gold, and 300 T
But we can talk about it.

My nickname there is co3lh4,
just message me here, there or even at GemsSOPGuild@gmail.com

If you’re still looking, Drums Of Thunder has opening. We’re 11 strong and growing. We went from rank 8000 some to 5000+ in the last few days. I put in around 600k and 350 trophies… Keep us in mind! Just pm if interested.
Drums Of Thunder

Hello u both im actually in a guild , ranked 122. Thanks for ur interrest :wink:

Rank 220 with 300/300 requirements? For real?

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seems like it’s negotiable though …

are you looking for pc or ps4?