Lv 76 looking for guild

I am currently looking for a decent active guild to join. Presently i am level 76 and really just started pvp’ing so my focus is on maxing my kingdoms and leveling my troops. I do play daily tho i may miss a day or two here and there because of my work schedule. I am primarily looking for a guild without extremely high contribution requirements that way i can contribute as well as max my kingdoms and troops.

Some additional information might get more guilds interested. Stuff like your city levels, their stars if any, how many pvp battles you do a week, how many trophies/seals/gold can a guild except to get from you.
Also be sure to check chat chanel 1 because a lot of guild recruit there :slight_smile:

Hi, Ravenous. Have you found a Guild yet?

If not, then check out my ad for Order of Bastet and let me know what you figure.


Ok thanks for the heads up.

I didn’t really focus on my kingdoms when i started playing so im somewhat lacking there.
i have divinion fields, broken spire, and zhul’kari at level 10 with 1 star, 5 more kingdoms at 6+.

I just started pvp but i have managed to tier 1 in only a few hours so my contributions from that shouldn’t be an issue its just hard to put a number on that till i do it abit more to get a feel for what i can get.

Thanks again for the input.

One week you go for kingdoms, the next we you go for guild tasks. Rinse and repeat.

if you need a guild, we will be happy to have with us.
We are level 40, rank 1500 and climbing, gold bonus +110%
All the players are active (contributing and playing daily) and the guild is
improving quickly even if we are only 5 members.
We don’t have requirement about seals/contribution/trophy.
Hope to see you soon