Looking for an active Guild to join

Hey Everyone,

Looking for a guild to join. Currently, my hero is a level 1150, have 754 troops, and all my kingdoms at least up to level 10, 1 at level 15 and a few over 10. All my delves are opened up, and been working on leveling those up too.

I don’t want to be in a high pressure guild, but at the same time I am competitive and really enjoy the game. I am looking for a guild where most of it’s members try to contribute so everyone benefits from the guild.

I used to play this game a lot a couple of years ago, but quit when my real life got crazy busy. So I am trying hard to get caught up with all the new changes in the game; watching Youtube videos, reading the GOW support, etc. I need to replace my troop teams that got nerfed, so that’s pretty much where I’m at, trying out teams from the famous guys aka Sinnycool, Tacet the Terror, Honest Rob, just busy trying to get caught up for the last few weeks.

I am currently power playing hard doing all the daily games and events and challenges. I have not tried the guild wars so not sure how well I would do in those currently since I can barely win in PVP with my current troops. I got some new teams but they need to have more upgrades in order to survive the ranked players.

I have been in a couple guilds before, tried going back to one a few weeks ago, but the members were inactive. I play GOW on Steam with my pc, and on my mobile with the game app.

Sorry for the wall of text, just trying to be honest on where I am at in the game so that we can make a good team. My invite code is temmie143.

I’m not in leadership but I’m a member in a guild family that I enjoy which has something like 8 guilds at varying commitment levels, ranging from high participation all the way down to no requirements. This has been nice for me because when your life/availability changes you can easily move to one with greater or lesser requirements. There are openings in most of our guilds at the moment, so there’s a good change one or more of them is a fit for you. Here’s the discord link if you want to check it out:

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Minion Machine is looking for active players - not much pressure, friendly to returning & starting players; rank 731 and climbing, GW optional (low bracket, so no pressure there either), we are active and chatty. Come by global 834 or find me on discord Dwuemka#0513 and we can talk and see if we are a good fit for you.

Feel free to check out The Golden Keep:

We are a family of 8 guilds, maybe one of them fits your activity level. Visitors welcome, even if you just want to chat about the game and don’t intend to join one of our guilds.

Tried to register on Discord, but it seems to send me on an infinite loop whenever I try to login; says “Your email is already registered”, with no way to login, says it sends me an email verification but I have not received it…
I did send out a request for help from support.

Hi Temmie—in addition to all of these sweet guilds above, Marshal Law is recruiting as well!!

We’re rank 126, finish events, 40k seals every week and do tons of LTs gw week. We require: 600k/1500s/250t/gw and free sigils in guild events and discord!

When you get your discord fixed, message me (if interested): crazy lady#6159 or hit me up in global 001!! :grin:

Thanks everyone!, really grateful for so many responses! I will check all of you guys out and also try to get into Discord.

Finally got into Discord, but your link says that it is expired.

The link to Golden Keep says it expired. Here is my Discord name: temmie143#8616

Hello Temmie,

I sent you a disord invite.

We are a causal guild with very active players. We do use discord as well.

All Kingdoms to level 10
Level 1000+
All guild events
1000 seals
500k gold
We complete all guild events and do LT’s during Guild Wars week.

Thanks everyone for your responses. I did pick a guild to join, so might be back here if I don’t pass my probation period and get thumped to the curb, lol.

Either way I’m good with that if it happens, everyone is just trying to get a good fit for their teams.