The new update is out already?

I’m downloading an 800MB update right now so I guess that’s it?

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What platform?

What version number does the game say in the settings menu?

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Nim there is the screenshot

Ver 1,0,0,28 here

Noooo, my collection is no longer complete. There is a new Legendary from Grosh-Nak called Sol’Zara.

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It’s worse than ever! Gives me a headache…Need sun glasses I guess.


On this post I made a comment which you might find useful:

We plan to be releasing to mobile and Steam tomorrow. If all goes to plan this will happen, but again, no guarantees (publishers/platforms may come back with required changes, or there might be an error, etc).

So, thank you devs, for “fixing” the reveal for the drops from chests. Bringing back that “whoosh” sound totally makes the difference. Bring it back for the rewards in the mail too. :grinning:

Now, if I can just figure out how to stop the troop reveals from continually cycle without skipping…

Just wish I had that “whoosh” when I got my first Mythic, Elemaugrim, to drop earlier this week while using Glory Keys. :expressionless:

So, uh, why can I not use Gem Keys one at a time anymore?

Oh, and on Xbox One, has the force feedback feature been toned down? I was doing the Treasure Hunt mini game, and noticed that the controller barely vibrated after those consecutive, crazy cascades that occasionally occur.

I rather like the new update. The interface feels more complete now.


All the menus are now cold and monochrome but the battles are like:

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Has Dawnbringer been removed from DEF in Arena with this udate???

I mostly like it. The key opening revert is especially nice. New stun animation was needed badly.

Menu stuff is kinda drab like the rest of it, but like the rest of it, I’ll get used to it.


The update blows under the guild management tab… why change it all to symbols you have to click through instead of a drop down menu of words… pain in the butt. And xbox already has issues checking last activity… why is it not working under the guild management tab anymore?