The Never Ending Story (ahhhhhhh)


The movie does.

But once you’ve heard it, you realize the song NEVER does…





It isn’t about speed, it is about wins.


It’s both. Always was and always will be


to me personally its wins/time


People are in guilds, guilds want gold, gold takes time, time is precious.

Average person doesnt have 20-100 hours a week to match gems on a video game but enjoy being a part of a group and making progress. Personally, I also enjoy attacking more than preventing, kill or be killed.

They could increase the variety of Invade teams by providing much more gold per match, but, then those who can’t play all day won’t have to spend as much real money in the shop.


I like the games that i can remember, those that are just another win, are not worth having.


I switched out the Anubis dude for dragon eggs, so it goes a bit faster now when the summoner card doesn’t give me a card with no attack lol


It’s the ratio. The greater the ratio the better outcome for the player.
Sounds like physics lol


how does it increase the variety?
i dont see how increasing gold will motivate for doing more pvp matches, i think quite opposite the ones who just wanna reach x gold will stop earlier on, and the ones who farm for other stuff will do it regardless