Impenetrable Fortress Gates

Between all the hoo-hah about the new patch and kingdom, just some amusing fact. I used to have 1 Fortress Gate for my defends (for discussions about the pros and cons of strong and weak defences I refer to other threads in this forum). But a Fortress Gate is what you could call ‘pretty weak’. No attack, and no damage spell either.

After some time I though why not give my …ahem… ‘visitors’ a somewhat nicer welcome. So I decided to put up FOUR Fortress Gates. And lo and behold, this was the result:

These formidable gates have ample life and an attack of 7! This is of course including the attack from kingdom bonuses. I never realised that troops without attack suddenly do have one, due to the bonuses. Four gates even get 2 extra from Broken Spire. And every time they go off, they generate 9 extra armour! And the 15 base armour is even without the promised 8 extra for having 4 constructs (we know the Construct bonuses are broken, probably fixed in the next patch).

I guess this combo is far from invincible, but perhaps more interesting than a standard weak defence like just the hero or one Peasant. Has anyone encountered my setup?


Me :grinning:

Was it any fun? :smile:

Yeah, I fought you once a few days ago and was rather surprised what happened to one of the most useless troops in this game ^^
I wonder what will happen to them once they are upgraded to legendary xD

Inb4 Fortress gets nerfed.

haha - we’ve been waiting for someone to experiment with this one :smile:

I can’t wait for 1.0.8, when the Construct bonuses are fixed. Of course they ARE fixed, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! At first I didn’t realized that Gates had 7 attack and I was playing very very relaxed because I wa thinking at the original stats…when the first Gate hit my troop and I looked at the new stat I started to feel a little worried :joy:

An encounter truly shocking
were some gates that I found blocking
quite fabulous loot
and a trophy to boot.
Soon my knuckles bled from knocking.

No area damage, so that fight took LONG. I’m still trying to convince myself the reward was worth it. :weary:

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And I was trying to make it EASY to beat me! :smile:

Well, you could remove a few gates then :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I wondered about this way back at the 1.0.7 launch, and then never got around to figuring it out. I’m sure I have Fortress Gate set to disenchant down to one, anyway. Good catch!

I fought them once, and was also surprised that they had an attack stat. However, at the time I was playing a 3xorb invasion team and they went down fairly easily.

I just faced your gate team, and thankfully I had entangle on mine. :sweat:

It was pretty easy to deny brown, so I would suggest trading one of the gates for Prismatic Orb despite the nerf.

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Nah, breaks the symmetry. :smile:

I definitely remember vsing this. But you’re in the same guild as me, so it must’ve been someone else…

Players from the same guild can not fight each other in PvP?

@DonBoba, no there not suppose to.

It can happen - just with much reduced probability… can still sometimes be popped up as a match if enough other players aren’t active…

@Jainus, other than me, have you ever fought anyone from our guild?

I think I might be an exception, as many in our guild reported they could still fight me…